thanks giving thanks giving thanks

Rather than posting some blog about the perfect Thanksgiving,
with a beautiful table setting, a rich russet turkey smoked to delectable perfection,
fresh, warm bread, delicious deserts, and so forth ….
I thought I’d do another “be real” post and snap a few photos of my home
and what it looks like
today … right now.

Two years ago, I would have seen the yukky. Two years or so ago, I would have felt overwhelmed.  Two years or so ago, if we were home, I would have spent the entire week working to finish projects, cleaning the house, gathering and preparing for guests … or just our family …. almost completely by myself. I could have asked for help, but most of my family members work reluctantly. I LOVE to clean and prepare and do. I’m the minority in my home.

And so, today is not a Norman Rockwell representation of Thanksgiving.
But, it is SO much richer for me than any such sentiment.

Today, James is with our awesome friends in Marietta. He is probably surrounded by AT LEAST twenty-five people in the Baskin home that we affectionately call “The Tree House” – a multilevel home nestled in heavy woods by a creek. He is having a splendid time enriching one of his oldest friendships,  I know.
Joy is away visiting. And I miss her.
And Glory will join me for lunch at Golden Corral.  I will tell her again how much I love her.
We will enjoy the present of each others presence. And it will be grand.

But, rather than eating worms over being alone on Thanksgiving (my own personal choice, by the way) and the mess around my home, I dance and rejoice. Really!  My week has been SO nice. In Joy’s absence, I have worked hard on things here at the house. Last night, I completely finished sixteen of the outside panes of the bay window.  I have twenty-four to go and I’ll be finished.  It will be grand.  I didn’t know when I started what a tedious job this would be. None-the-less, it had to be done.

I’ve done scores of other little jobs that I have put off for ages.  Now they are listed on my Victory List! By the time I return to school on Monday, I hope to be ready for my last few weeks of Economics and have my project near ready for my last graphic design class.

So, with these photos, I am adding to my One Thousand Gifts list.

On this rich and beautiful Thanksgiving day, I am thankful for:
301. a deck absolutely covered in leaves to remind me that my yard is filled and my home is canopied with beautiful, tall, strong, sheltering trees
302. beautiful autumn colors that remind me that I have the ability to see a depth and breadth of color like no other living being. It is a gift given to the human eye from a Creator who wants us to enjoy the richness of all that He has made … including the absolutely countless number of colors and huesLeaves on my deck
303. plants that are beginning to wilt towards winter that remind me that it is time to be still and rest … to nap and warm by the fire … to nestle and snuggle and rejuvenate for the motion of long summer days
304. a certainty that comforts because I know that the sun will set, and rise, and set … the seasons will turn and life continues with a degree of certainty that is incredibly reassuring
305. a breezy, cozy screened porch for sitting and talking, sipping coffee and reading the newspaper. We can enjoy it for about nine months out of the year … when it is clean, of course.
306. a messy picnic table that reminds me that I have a creative, inventive son who can alter, modify or repair anything he sets his mind to.  He is currently working on a project of installing a new stereo system in his car … one that has required tremendous modification of his car including. But, he has worked on it and figured it out because he is gifted and imaginative
307. a son who has friends who love him enough to invite him into their home … to open their doors … to pull back a seat at their table … to open their arms and let him in.  They are sweet. They are dear. They are wonderful. And we are blessed to call them our friends.
308. a dining table that is covered with scrapbooking paper. The fact that it is now sorted can be added to my Victory List!  All I need to do now is put it into it’s shelving home. With it color sorted, it will certainly be more accessible for art projects. woot.
309. for plants that we bring into our home each fall to protect the tender shoots from the cold. In doing so, we bring in soothing life that somehow calms the spirit and soothes the soul. I don’t know how it happens … but I know that it is so.
310.  clean towels that need to be put into the party room bathroom. They were used by visitors a week ago. I’m so thankful for that space and that we have friends who come to visit!!
311.  free flowing sewage. The towels were used, in part, to sop up sewage (they were washed in HOT HOT water … with extra soap and dried with an extra bounce sheet for good measure)that covered the bathroom floor when our entire drainage system … neglected to drain for the second time in the past year

312. for a son who is wonderful and persistent enough to figure out how to take apart the pipes under the house and in the yard until he finds the source of the problem though he was never trained in how to do this job
313. a trash can that needs to be emptied which tells me that we have abundance that others do not have. I am blessed beyond measure … in ways that I can articulate and depths that I cannot fathom. And I am thankful.
314. a dishwasher that needs to be emptied which reminds me that we have water to wash dishes and food that dirties them in the first place
315. for four appliances that do not match. My fridge is dimpled white, my microwave is smooth white, my dishwasher almond and my stove gold … but all four work well. They work without complaint and are faithful reminders of how God provides for our every need and then some!
315. for the ability to again see the titmouse and the chickadee on the birdfeeder. The glass panes are now clean! Well … at least sixteen of them! Soon … they will all be reglazed, painted, and sanded. Soon the joints along the vinyl siding will be resealed. Soon, the bay window will be finished!! Yay!
316. for a guest bed that is covered with inspiration and construction work for painting and art projects that bless me. I have so many ideas and in the process of working on several.  Though this looks like a mess, I see it as inspiration spread out and a work in progress.  
317.  for paint!!  I trimmed out the hallway with a wonderful green paint … that I really didn’t like once I got it on the walls. SOOOOooo, I tried a spot with a mustard that was very pleasing … only to find that it looked different over the green than it did over the existing white.  I had to go back and paint the entire hall with a base white to be my starting point. I’m almost finished painting the base white and then will move on to the color.  I love the color and can’t wait to finish.  I’m thankful for “oops” paint.  I only buy from the 50% off shelves at Walmart/Lowes/Home Depot.
318. for a refreshing, renewed, positive perspective on life, myself, my God and those around me.

Somehow, some way … I am no longer bogged down the the dirt. I find beauty in the good, the bad and the ugly. I see through eyes that see hope, patience and loveliness. I don’t see the crusty, curmudgeon … I see a man who needs a hug. I don’t see a witchy woman … I see a soul who lives an empty life and takes out her sadness on others. I don’t see a bratty child … I see a little one who feels unsafe and unprotected because he’s never been given boundaries. It’s an absolutely wonderful thing.

And I am thankful.

May your day be blessed and filled with His holiness, His vision, His sight, mercy and grace.
Give Thanks
Search for Him …. relentlessly.
Never give up hope.
Give Thanks.


5 thoughts on “thanks giving thanks giving thanks

  1. uhh, SCUSE ME. Just because that bed is no longer where I sleep every night does not mean it is any less MY bed. I just share it with guests. So, it isn’t a guest bed.

    hurry up.
    it’s time for lunch.


  2. I am going to escape one day and come sleep in that bed for a night or two. Thanks so much for helping me grow in my “vantage point view”. I have a few things on your list that I am going to print of and post so that I look at them and remind myself to view things in a different way. Your kids are going to be such great spouses and you will be such a fantastic grandma. I am thankful to day for YOU! Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your special meal with your special girl!


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