Thanksgiving Afterglow

I sit in my chair
in my corner
in my room,
faithful companion at my feet.
I take with me, a cup of coffee with
Vanilla Rum Creamer and a sprinkle of Pumpkin Pie Spice
and a sweet gift from friends that feel a world away …
a gracious slice of Rum Cake created by Baskin hands with l♥ve
and sent home to me from an Atlanta Thanksgiving gathering of yesterday
by way of my sweet man/child, James. Rum cake .... because Life Is Good
The sun struggles to filter through the clouds outside my window
and I think of the last month.

I feel the stretching.
I feel the molding.
I feel the softening of the harsh attitude towards myself
through the Holy Spirit’s influence on my life.

I shared that I felt compelled to read The Word daily.
I admitted that I have read … seldom.
My goal was to read until Thanksgiving day –
a total of twenty-nine days.

I reached my goal.
Slowly and out loud, I have read each of these books
from beginning to end:
1 Corinthians,
2 Corinthians,
1 Thessalonians,
2 Thessalonians,
1 Timothy,
2 Timothy,
and Hosea (twice).
In ONE month. I am in shock.
I am flabbergasted. floored. astounded.
WHAT if I had been reading my Bible for fifteen minutes a day
for my entire life?
Or from the day I married?
Or since my first child was born?
How many times would I have read through it’s
richness? wealth? beauty? wisdom?
How much better a wife could I have been?
How much more Godly a mother would I have been?
How much more fully would I know and understand God?
Only God knows.
I am proud to say that I skipped one day
but didn’t completely throw out my goal.
November 18th.
That was one of the days that we had company. I got up early and didn’t read my Bible first. I got busy doing the things that had to be done that day. I went to school and then to the hospital to visit Madpie. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. I t.r.i.e.d to read, but my mind w.a.n.d.e.r.e.d.  I pulled myself back. Then I realized I … still … wasn’t … listening … even though I was reading out loud. I reeled myself back in again.  Finally …
I closed the Book.
I quit.

Here’s the “stretch.”
With my legalistic, “crash and burn” mentality, generally, I would have allowed myself to listen to that nasty little voice that told me the next morning to *whispers* “quit.” I had failed. I hadn’t reached my goal. I couldn’t do it. Just give it up. Stop. Forget it.

Rather, I decided the next day to alter my commitment
… not JUST to fifteen minutes a day
… but that I would always read my Bible in the morning.
And as an act of reverence and putting God first, I read it
before I check Facebook, before I look at my email and before I post here
or read God’s message to me through Ann’s words.
You have NO idea how BIG that is.
Which is a pitiful, pathetic, pithy shame …
but the truth …
the honest, bare, transparent truth.

I won’t make some mammoth claim that I will continue this for life,
or make it a year-long goal.
I know better.
I live day by day, month by month.
So, I will make another goal
that I feel won’t overwhelm me
but will stretch my “crash and burn” self.

I will continue to read my Bible,
God’s Holy Infallible, way-out-of-my-scope-of-understanding Word,
(1) for fifteen minutes a day,
(2) before I do anything else (well …. except make a pot of coffee :D)
(3) until the end of the year.

I think I’ll go make some more stickers for my wall.

Want to join me?


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Afterglow

  1. yes, I will join you. The blessing and encourager has been the puppy that insists that it’s time to get up between 5:30 and 6:30 each morning. Late for you but painfully early for me… a self-described and fully embraced “night owl”. But I have learned the value and priceless enjoyment of peace and quiet in a houseful of 6 and have found myself disappointed when he’s not gotten me up with the tapping of a wagging tail against the wall of the crate until 7 or 7:30. So, I too have been working on a more organized and consistent quiet time. I have missed more days than you have but will join with you in the endeavor to meet my Lord first (of course after I put on the water for hot tea) thing each morning, whether the sun is up or not. I will be thinking and praying for you in the midst. Glad to have a friend meet with me over a hot liquid delight and the Word of God for the next month. Love you…


    1. Thinking about you this morn …
      as my home is quiet,
      a fire crackles & warms me,
      my coffee cup empty
      The Word read & digested.
      Hope you have a lovely Saturday, friend.
      btw, love that you call the puppy the “blessing & encourager” 😀


  2. Hum. I have kept a Facebook puppy “alive” for nearly three years. Perhaps I can use that same determination (?) to begin reading the Bible. I could practice piano. I could journal. And all if I do it BEFORE I check on Facebook. Why is it so much easier to do an assignment for someone else, than for myself?


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