Makes Me Happy Monday : Slumber

The shadows are more intense,
sky more clear,
air more crisp.

Nest and Light

Over the weekend,
it occurred to me that we only have twenty two days left until the winter solstice.
The days will no longer shorten, but we will be heading into spring by lengthening. Within just four to six weeks after December 21st, green will start to show up on some trees and shrubs as buds unfurl on twigs and tiny blooms get ready to burst forth with springs splendor. Though the world will still “feel” still, there will be movement … a quiet, and slow awakening.

It’s hard to believe.

The moments … turn into hours, days, weeks and months …. quickly.

I have struggled through the winters off and on through the years.
Some winters were much more difficult than others.
I’ve always been able to function well enough.
But, I would sleep more than usual and
– here’s the key – berate myself with self-loathing
… including self accusations of laziness and lack of initiative.

In the past five or so years, I have figured out some important things about my body’s function which, alone, have helped me to be less frustrated with myself. For me, understanding the “why” is as or more important to knowing any “what.”

BrierThis year, I am thoroughly enjoying the autumn creeping into winter.  If I’m sleepy, I take a nap.  And I sleep much longer at night. I still go to bed “on time,” (i.e. 8:30-9:00 pm),  but I  get up a few days a week at six or seven, rather than summer-energy days of three-thirty to four.

Here is the wonderful thing for me: I am e.n.j.o.y.i.n.g the rest. Rather than drudgingly dragging myself through each gloomy day of late fall and winter, I am enjoying my days … fully. I look forward to going to bed. I rest well and frankly enjoy snuggling in sheets and blankets with fabric heaviness holding me down, keeping me toasty and railing me from the chill of the night. And I am as happy in the morn for my feet to hit the floor as I was for them to slip between fitted and flat cotton the night before.

Acorns on the sidewalk - fall goodnessAnd I have to say that this is one more area that I feel a new freedom that I’m enjoying.

But, this year,  I am embracing shorter days, sweeter rest and indulgent naps.
I am resting up for another year of energy, activity and growth.
And I’m thankful for an acceptance of me “as I am.”

I am God’s creature, created like other life around me.
I amble from autumn into winter and rest.
I  leisure from frosty nights into spring with gentle reawakening.
I flutter from spring into summer’s lush days of green.
And as summer comes to a close, I cascade into amber, olive and rust.
Seasons change, energy ebbs and flows, and it is all natural
… all part of God’s design and order of life.

We cannot live our lives at full-force ahead.
Well, we can, but it won’t be beneficial.
Like the trees that sleep barren,
bulbs that hibernate underground
and critters that hide away,
we, too, should find a way to cut back, hunker down and rejuvenate.

What might you be able to put aside for a season, so that you can rest and relax more this winter?
Could the crockpot be your friend so that you can get dinner on the table with more ease?
Are there television shows that you could put aside for a bit so that you could go to bed earlier?
Could you save some project for spring or summer’s calendar so that you could rest a bit this season?

Listen to your internal clock. See what small changes might make a big difference in your life.

*whispers*   . . . rest . . .

I am definitely finding that snug, sound slumber makes me very happy.

What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday?


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