Did you know that, at times, our mind confuses being thirsty with being hungry? We feel the thirst mechanism, but we choose to try to satisfy it with food rather than a liquid.  If this becomes a habit, obesity can become a problem.

Have you ever noticed that you are thirsty shortly after waking? If you pay attention, you will notice that the body has a strong thirst for water, first thing in the morn.

Lately, I’ve found myself neglecting to drink water like I should.

Sometimes it isn’t convenient. I am driving and neglected to bring water along …
and I don’t want to spend 1.29 on a bottle of water.  It’s just too costly.
Sometimes I cannot distinguish hunger from thirst
so I eat rather than have a glass of water.
I have not taken the time to pay attention to the difference and recognize my real need.
Sometimes, I’m in a position where I just can’t stop what I’m doing to have a drink. Busy-ness takes priority.
Sometimes it’s because I don’t want to get up from my spot to pour a glass of water.  Laziness rules my needs.
Sometimes, I want something that will tickle my palette like
chilly lemonade, luscious coffee, sparkly soda or fresh, sweet tea.
Wanting to be entertained takes precedence over what is “good for me.”

It hit me the other morning, as I aimlessly wandered back and forth from the bare fridge
to the empty soda container
to the cabinet holding the tea bags that would require work to be refreshed and entertained…

that too often this is my spiritual walk.

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events.

Sometimes I forget God … to “bring Him along.”
Sometimes it’s just too costly to put God first.
Sometimes I know I need “something,”
but don’t recognize that only God would satisfy that need.
Sometimes I’m just too busy to stop.
Sometimes I’m too lazy to read the Bible or pray.
And sometimes, I want to be entertained,
not truly filled and satiated.

God is working on my heart. The more earnestly I search for Him, the more easily He is to see, hear and feel.

I remember something that someone told me years and years ago: God doesn’t instruct us to read His word and understand everything. He just tells us to search for Him. He doesn’t expect us to have all the answers. He just directs us to seek Him. He doesn’t suggest that we be “perfect” without flaw.  He asks us to be “perfect” meaning “whole” … pure … single focused, rather than hypocritical and two-faced. And, ya know what? I can do that … or at least make a genuine effort.

Just as in my physical life,
I need to be spiritually attune to my needs
and obey promptings that will help keep me
healthy, strong and hydrated.


One thought on “Thirsty

  1. I have decided that if I have God’ word at different spots in my home, I have easy access all the time and no excuses (even though the excuses would be lame anyway) I often feel guilty that I have enough Bibles for several in each room but b/c I do have them, I place them in easy reach of every lazy locale. So… even when I am stirring the ingredients for muffins, I can look up and read Psalms out of the bible I have perched on my Cook Book Holder. And when I plop down to cuddle with the puppy or the princess I can reach over and take a swig of the Living Water… but even then, I don’t always avail myself of it… why is it that we are yet to be convinced we NEED it just to get through the morning, let alone the whole day?


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