Dandelion Work

I am totally smitten with dandelions.
I love the beauty of their sunny faces in the spring and early summer
as much as I love their cashmere orbs, not yet plucked by wind
…  a ball of seeds waiting to spread new life with the simple gust of wind.

I found the most PERFECT yarn to help me replicate a dandelion’s parachute seed.

And what better verse to pair with this painting than Isaiah 40:8.

I am so thankful for the final work. It turned out like I had envisioned!
The skies are convincingly filled with moody clouds.
The grass pleased me well … blades waving in the gusts of early summer.

I hope there will be many more inspired paintings like this one
…  more spiritual/physical parallels
…. shared through paint and bristle.


2 thoughts on “Dandelion Work

  1. THANKS, BEV!!!!
    I’m so excited about painting. I have a handful of ideas. I’m working on something for the mantle for Christmas. Yay!
    It was quiet … nobody commented. And I thought, “hmmm…. am i the only one that likes it??” :/


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