Economics: You are more

I never dreamed that I would enjoy a class as much as I have l♥ved Economics. My professor has been teaching for at least twenty years.  He’s not a charismatic teacher.  He’s fairly soften spoken. So, those that love a tap dancing, entertaining focal point for an hour won’t get it in his class.  But, if you listen to him, he has a dry wit that will catch you off guard daily. I listen closely just so I won’t miss a punch line. He is subtle, yet terribly entertaining.  And he knows his topic.  He is historic and still relevant.  He has stories from decades ago and pulls information right out of today’s headlines.

The thing that has been unique for me is that I was expecting a whiteboard full of formulas, numbers, and percentages.
This class has been more of a human mannerism and philosophy hour. Day after day, I listen to him talk about why people do what they do. And I am fascinated.

The Fallacy of Composition is one of the ideas that stands out in my mind. This was covered in the first chapter, almost nine weeks ago. I have a phrase to attach to the idea that fits right in with this passion of self-acceptance….
a passion for myself
and a passion that makes me want to tell others:
You are more.
You are unique.
You are intricate.
You are beautiful.

The wonderful metaphor that was given to describe this idea is that of baking and eating a cake.

You can imagine a delicious cake.  In fact, let’s use Banana Bread as our example. You are probably familiar with the moistness of this delectable breakfast-worthy dessert. The taste of banana, that isn’t overpowering and melds well with the flavor of vanilla. Add a little butter to the warm bread … and  mmmm……..

In contrast, think of eating each of the individual ingredients before they had been mixed together, poured into a lightly oiled pan and baked at 350 for a thirty minutes to an hour.  Let’s see …. raw eggs, butter, sugar, flour, past ripe bananas, baking soda, vanilla and salt.  We would probably agree that imaging a mouthful of any one of these pales – or even a combination of several  – in comparison to the thought of fresh baked, warm from the oven Banana Bread.

And so the principle: The Fallacy of Composition
which is
The combination/sum is better than the individual parts.

In economics, the theory just supports the fact that there is always more to a picture than what appears on the surface.  There are many factors involved in any change in the economy and we can’t simply draw conclusions. We have to dig deeper and look at all angles – those that are obvious and those that might not be easy to see. The structure we live in is craftsmanship and design. And it is “home” to us because of those that dwell within. Our home is wood, bricks, mortar, sheet rock, nails and paint. But, our home is so much more.

A tree is who it is because of it’s underlying design.  Every species is slightly different from each other … but each tree within a family is unique ….completely different from any other … an original.  And a tree is a trunk, limbs, leaves and sap … but it is more.

I have gifts and talents that were intended for me to use to bless others and make my own life richer. I am unlike any other. I am wonderfully made. I am an original. And …like you …. I am oh so much more than flesh and blood, sinew and organs.

Tenth Avenue North has an awesome new song that puts guitar and lyrics to this idea.

And the concept for this video is
a pure surprise.!

Yes, you are more.
You are more than flesh and blood.
You are more than ideas and thoughts.
You are more than any name you’ve been called.
You are more than the voice that whispers lies when you’re down.
And you are more than any mistake that has stained your past.



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