No more peace at Walmart

Just in case you were wondering,
there is no more peace at Walmart.

I bought it all.

I was in the store the other day and passed by a display of dishes
that stopped me in my tracks.
Yes, I gasped out loud in the store.
One by one, I went through all three stacks of dishes.
Some decorated with Hope,
and some with Joy.
I dug through each little tower
and pulled out those embellished with


And I bought

The thing that struck me funny as I set the table tonight was that
I bought these beautiful little gifts for myself
about ten days before my “Seek Peace” blog post was written,
…. before God showed me the cool verse in Psalms,
… before I had made the realization of how thankful I am
for the contentment that now reigns in my home.

And, yes, there probably is some more peace some.where at Walmart. I mean, I didn’t REALLY purchase all the peace.  I’m sure there are hundreds of items that proclaim peace in any given store right now.

But, we know that peace can’t be bought anyway
… it must pursued
… we must seek after it,
… we must dig for it,
like a beautiful treasure,
or a worthy gem.

Seek Peace and pursue it.  Psalm 34:14Have a fabulous Friday, friends!
{{{hugs}}}, jolly blessings and a heart full of peace
for you and yours
this wonderful December weekend.


3 thoughts on “No more peace at Walmart

  1. I should add that the area photographed for this post is the ONLY spot in the entire house that is clean right now. Finals, trips, projects, exchange of Thanksgiving for Christmas decorations have taken over all normal cleaning activities. So, don’t think TOO highly of the “staged” photo. 🙂


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