I miss her

I have to tell you again,

I miss her.

I miss being home.
I miss being a homemaker.
I miss knowing that she is reading a book
with words she does not know
and enjoying it just the same
because she is learning.
I miss eating lunch with her.
I miss having time to
sew, paint and cook,
till, fertilize, plant, mulch and harvest.

I miss her.

Monday used to be my favorite day of the week …. but, wistfully, now Saturday holds that place. Sundays are enjoyed at church, so Saturdays are our days of leisurely mornings, family yard and house work  and our playful evenings of outings, movies & fun.

Saturday is the day that she sleeps until nine and gets up refreshed, as blonde curls bounce out in to the living room.

Lately we spend our Saturdays chatting in front of the fireplace. Her mornings ALWAYS start with details of cinemagraphic dreams.  But,  I usually have to cut her short lest she be late for school. On Saturday, she laughs and unravels the memories of the dreams, one line at a time … though, I’m sure there is embellishment …  even in the telling of her dreams. On occasion, we run out to yard sale.  Every blue moon, I will stop by Starbucks for a huge splurge. This Polar Bear cookie was the Starbucks treat of the morning.

The first Saturday they were in our home, we dined on our new “peace” plates …. real hot cocoa and french toast made from raisin bread with sprinkles of powdered sugar.

We even had *gasp* S’mores for breakfast one Saturday morning. It was SO much fun!! The one below was mine … chocolate free, since I have an allergy.It was still delicious! 

She spends time lounging and working on creative projects like crocheting …
fuzzy clothed feet draped over the chair’s edge. I think it helps that we don’t have cable, so the television is never a distracting draw for creativity or family time. Although ….we do have computers, so there is time allocated for that.  Some of the afternoon is spent playing on the computer.
She was creating a 3D image of our home. She put aside the creation until I can pull out our house plat so she can use more accurate dimensions … which kinda made me laugh.Joy plays her violin and I swoon. She still hits sour notes, but I always ask her to practice in the living room. I sit and listen and soak in the notes. She tells me that she loves to play. Maybe because I tell her that I love to listen?

I won’t ever be happy to see her get out of the van and walk into that brick building around the corner. My heart breaks anew every weekday morn. I will always yearn to be here with her. It is my job to teach her … train her …. impress character upon her. It is my heart to love on her here in our home…. to encourage her, motivate her and lead her.

Saturday is the best day of my week …
Because during the week,
I still miss her.


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