Make Me Happy : Snowflakes on Canvas

For several years, I’ve had this vision in my head
of a painting for our mantle.
Until this year, I wasn’t really even sure
how to go about STARTING it,
much less finishing it.

But, this year has certainly been an inspired year for me. Having already put brush to canvas recently, I dove in without fear.

I gave my canvas a basic base that would be the start for each snowflake. Then I googled snowflake images. I portioned off my screen so I could see the basic pattern that I needed to cut from my folded paper for each flake.

I created several snowflakes and then  simply tacked them down onto my  canvas.

Knowing exactly what I wanted my background to look like, I began with several earthy colors and a (new) bath sponge! The background fell into place quite easily.  Then I simply pulled up my snowflake templates.

The last snowflake had to be a little different. It was larger and I wanted it to have much more texture. So, I traced my flake onto brown paper then cut out the shapes.  I tacked these down and began to layer the textured white onto the canvas. Before the paint dried, I pulled up each relief.

Then, I added outlines, shadows, highlights and texture for dimension. I used silver paint for highlight, and black, as well …. there are paint splatters and even some fine glitter!  Each snowflake has a different personality so no one looks like the other.

After adding the words at the top, I finished my project.

The most absolutely wonderful thing about this project is that
it looks E.X.A.C.T.L.Y like envisioned it.

So, this morning, I can say that
Snowflakes Make Me Happy.

How ’bout you? What brings a smile to your face
this matchless Monday morning?


7 thoughts on “Make Me Happy : Snowflakes on Canvas

      1. Yes, we have had snow on the ground for a few weeks now which is early for here. And, it is lightly snowing as I type this with 2 to 4 inches predicted. I really missed the varied seasons and attendant weather during the eight years we lived in southern California so was glad to return to the Midwest. Until this year, I commuted a little over 40 miles round trip to work each day and still did not complain about the snow and cold. As you might imagine, few people here agree with me on the topic of seasons and weather.


  1. Seeing your visions come to fruition makes me happy. It’s beautiful and I love it. When does the studio open???? Have the happiest Christmas ever! O love you and miss you.


  2. Gorgeous, Karen!! God has revealed yet another lovely gift in you–painting and collage, plus your ongoing paper artistry. That is so. pretty. 🙂


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