Never finished

He winked at me.

We were in the office in the Graphic Design department at school last week,
and as he spoke, he winked at me.

Jon, Mary, Me and Sean

It is rare that a wink
doesn’t give me the “willies.”
But, this was different.

This was, “It’s okay. I mean this for your benefit.”
This was, “Trust me. Don’t be hurt.”
This was, “Believe me.”

Time and time again, I openly claim that I want to be directed and corrected. I am quick to step into the lives of others and share my thoughts with them. I long for the action to be reciprocated.

So, there we were
in the office of the two instructors in our department. I had just finished going on about a project I have been working on and Sean said it:

“You know, you’re never finished.”
I immediately thought, “You’re right! You understand!! Yay!”

And then he went on:
“You always have something else you want to do with your projects. You’re never finished.
Be done with them and move on.” *wink*
“You’re a good designer. It’s okay. Be finished.” *wink*

The saying goes
“Good is the enemy of Best.”

Could it be that
“Best is the enemy of Finished”
and that keeps perfectionists like myself
forever yearning to do
one … more … thing?

Sean in classThese thoughts just reinforce the idea that
we should never look around and compare ourselves with others.
There will always be someone better, faster, cuter, smarter.
There will always be someone who is more talented, more thoughtful,
more creative, more intelligent or more spiritual.
There will always be a better parent, friend, lover, neighbor or employee.

None of us is expected to be better than ________________.
We should only try to do our own personal best …
And …. so difficult for some of us ….
know when we are finished.

This, again, follows the spiritual/physical parallel.

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events.

I’m certainly one of those looking around
at others who do more for God ….
who witness daily,
travel to the mission field or pray like true warriors.
I must remember to look up, not around.
It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing
in the spiritual world or the physical.
I need to keep my spirit in check with my Lord
and do what I am called to do rather than compare myself to others.

Thanks, Sean, for the *wink.*
I appreciate your friendship.
You continue to make me smile.

2 thoughts on “Never finished

  1. The department secretary used to say, “Put it down and step away from my desk” which became a common catch phrase to all who insisted on tweaking and re-tweaking every project until the very last minute. It’s my experience that writers and editors are rarely satisfied until the piece is no longer available to them for tweaking.

    Your words and other art that I’ve seen is truly praiseworthy so just “put it down and step away!”


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