Plans for Advent

Another year has passed
and the idea of an advent calendar has been
left an idea.

Two are grown and one to go.
Will I read …
will there be …
I mean
will I MAKE time ….
to use an advent calendar
with my grandchildren one day?

Truly, it should be the most important
the unfolding of the Christ story
the telling of the beginning
knowing of the end.

But, this year is like others.
My parents a few hours away,
I haven’t bought groceries …
floors need vacuuming …
one last present to buy.

But, at least there is no fretting this year.
Like last, I am at least at peace
knowing that some things just don’t matter.
The vacuuming will be finished before they arrive …
the present …
the groceries.

And their visit will be over in a blink.

I am praying for passage through the day
like never before
on His birth.
Maybe this will be the Christmas unlike any other
because it will certainly be a Christmas unlike any other.
Every truly new experience
is a gift.
What will He teach me
as I spend my day in His presence?
In my whole entire life …. I have never spent Christmas day alone.

Maybe I will spend it creating next year’s Advent calendar.
It would be a good time to begin.


2 thoughts on “Plans for Advent

  1. I think putting together your advent calendar is an excellent idea. What a way to craft AND focus on your Savior and Lord at the same time. It may be the most spiritual crafting experience you every have! 🙂


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