Merry Quiet Christmas

Neighbors came
bearing that tinkled and sparkled
gifts that were made with fresh wheat … bare hands … tender touch
gifts of pecans with delicious coats of cinnamon, sugar and love.

The day … was reflective
and quiet and kindly eventless.

My children were off visiting other family members so
I was afraid that I might mourn ….
being alone.
But, it was a beautiful day.

I’m thankful for a visit from my Mom and Dad. They arrived the day before Christmas Eve. It was quiet when they first arrived.  Our table that usually bustles when family is all here … was seated with just three for dinner that night. James had to work some, Glory was at Miss Pat’s memorial service four hours away and Joy was off visiting.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve with goodies, a sweet service at church
and then the opening of presents.
Even our Christmas Eve was quiet,
with the exception of a very loud Nerf-gun war
that broke out between siblings
and seemed to make me much more “nervous” than my own parents.

But, alas, it passes so quickly. *blink blink* and it’s gone.

So, I have no beautiful prose,
no “from another perspective” way of looking at things,
no spiritual/physical parallels
just a quietly whispered
“Merry Christmas.”
I hope and pray that your holiday season
and your Christmas celebration
were full of grace, mercy, peace,
…. joy and exuberant festivities
…. with family and loved ones close by
but, oh so much more important,
that the birth of Christ was at the core of your thoughts
and He was seen in every glimpse around you.

Merry Christmas, dear friends.


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