Makes Me Happy Monday : Snow

It’s almost an embarrassment to call this snow.
frozen into intricate crystals
floating like manna from the heavens
in comparison to just a few states north of Georgia,
to call this “snow” would be laughable.

But, to this Georgia girl, this is amazing. Because last year, we had several inches of snow on Valentine’s Day. This year, it came the day after Christmas.

The ground will allow a little snow to settle, but for the most part
the snow finds its home on items that freeze quickly
like kayaks and bicycles, cars and decks.
The ground never will completely freeze here in our southerly area
so on those isolated occasions when snow falls
it rarely accumulates.

And it didn’t even fully cover the remnants of fall,
gold and olive green
turned brown and still.

Even as I look out my bay window,  parts of our world
are still under the misrepresentation that  autumn lingers.
You can see the oak and the dogwood in the neighbor’s yard …
snow flakes falling between here and there …
those trees trying desperately to shed last season
while we have moved on past the winter solstice
and are in the midst of winter.

In all the hoopla over snow,
the one thing that I remember most from last year’s accumulation
and this years’ sprinkling
is the silence.

With flakes gently falling, the roads were quite forlorn.
So you could hear ….
the gentle sound of the snow falling
and delicately lighting on the ground.
I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a sound like it before.
Not unlike the lull of the waves at the ocean …
it’s a sound absolutely unmistakable.

You can almost year individual flakes sit down.
soft … muffled …. serene.
Such a beautiful sound.

While the flakes individually are amazing,
and an accumulation of snow a blanket of beauty
it is the silent sound of the snow falling
that brings me peace and makes me happy.

319. frozen flakes of beauty
320. blustery winds that blow the debris  of autumn in circles through the street and across the yards
321. letters – strokes, jots & tittles with meaning
322. words – letters put together to represent ideas, objects, people, actions and emotions
323. concepts to put the world in order in my mind .. and yours
324. ideas that inspire me to create
325.  pine cones – feasts for squirrels, prickled and brown
326. sweet gifts from neighbors – a remembrance of the people who make up our dear, friendly  neighborhood
327. turkey and dressing, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce – what a delicious combination
328. Pumpkin Scones from Starbucks
329. brown and white, silver and gold paint


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