Makes Me Happy Monday : Transit

My new Transit Book makes me happy.

I have  never
read my Bible as consistently
as I have over the last sixty-five days.

I have missed a total of four days over the last two months. I have read the books listed here,
plus these:
I Peter
II Peter
I John
One fifteen minute sitting at a time
with my timer at my side.

I can’t say that I feel like I’ve learned a great deal.
I’ve had no earth shaking revelations.
I haven’t found an answer to some big pondering
that has been rolling round in my brain for years.
God’s Word simply asks me to be obedient to seek Him.
I know that knowledge, wisdom and understanding will come in time.
And so,  my intent is to simply be obedient.
I can say that I have noticed patterns,
I’ve seen God’s Word repeat itself (for emphasis or confirmation?)
and I’ve listened to beautiful poetry
as much as mournful struggle.
And, yes, there have been a few morsels that have made
my heart leap with joy.
It has been wonderful.

So, I’m taking my sticker trail of accountability down off my bedroom wall and moving my list to a book.
I’ve chosen an antique book that I picked up at a yard sale some many months ago.

On the front of the book, the words Transit Book are embossed
the carrying of people, goods, or materials from one place to another : a painting was damaged in transit.
• an act of passing through or across a place : the first west-to-east transit of the Northwest Passage | [as adj. ] a transit airline passenger.
• the conveyance of passengers on public transportation.
• Astronomy the passage of an inferior planet across the face of the sun, or of a moon or its shadow across the face of a planet.
• Astronomy the apparent passage of a celestial body across the meridian of a place.
• Astrology the passage of a celestial body through a specified sign, house, or area of a chart.

2 informal (in full transit theodolite) a tool used by surveyors to measure horizontal angles.

As I read through the definitions, I realized that this is probably the last  definition – the informal.  Mr. Holloway, the original owner,  would have had reason to need to know about angles as an architect.

But, I think of this book as a “transit” book in that
it will carry me through months, if not years, of consistent reading of my Bible.
If I am gentle with this beautiful book of antiquity,
it should hold up until the time it is filled.

The inside of the front jacket has the name Jno. B. Holloway, Jr. stamped in it.
In pen is written the word “Personal” with the date 1936 beneath.
1936. That is the same year that my father was born.
This book is 75 years old.

It is a beautiful little book of old. It has one entry in it
written in green, liquid ink … true fountain pen
that reads:

“Floors – check etc in house by Wm Wilson Wester – hollow tile waxed. (Inexpensive type of construction). ”
Though the book appears to be a book for a construction of railroads,
or for the keeper of the tracks,
in researching, I see that this man, John Bunyon Holloway, Jr. was an architect.
Here is a write up about a man who would have lived in this area at one time
and whose history could easily match up with the date 1936 in the front.
He would have been 23 at the time that he claimed the book as his own.
He passed away in 1993 at the age of 80.

And so, in Mr. Holloway’s “Transit Book,”
I will record the date and passages that I read
as I transit through the year of 2011.

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events.

Like the architect with a building,
I will look for the construction
of ideas and concepts that will help me learn and understand God’s Word.
I will build upon my little knowledge
and prayerfully grow in wisdom and understanding.
And I will surely make many large turns
as during this year, I graduate and will find myself
looking for employment.
Oh, what else might lay ahead?

I am thankful that I was obedient to begin this trek .
I am thankful that I have found the persistence to continue to read each day.
And I look forward to watching this record book fill
will evidence of my continued obedience.

Yes, My Transit Book makes me happy here at the start of this year, 2011.
What makes YOU happy as you begin this new year?


4 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Transit

  1. that is very, very cool. How fun will it be to write it all down and this time next year, to look back and see all that is written in it. Very cool that you could research the guy and learn a bit about him.


  2. Love the connection of your Bible journey to this old journal. Amazing what one small, faithful act, repeated day in and day out, can produce. I’m so glad to know ye.


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