Putting away the season

In putting away
thanks giving …
I intentionally set aside
the thanks
and the giving
to rely upon later.

We hold fast to the bounty, the fruit, the outpouring …. the harvest.
And in putting away the
Christ mas, (originally Christ’s mass)
I hold tight to the
and the
mass (communion).

The birth, the life, the glory, the celebration, the joy … remain.

And now, we bring out the love.
Cookie cutters and ice cube creators
signs and plaques
pillows and netting
garland and banners
soap dishes and hand towels
baubles and  trinkets
that sparkle and tinkle ….
all covered with hearts                                                 …. emblazoned with love.
Oh, that the atmosphere in our home,
the attitude of our lives,
even the condition of our hearts
would reflect a daily …
of His presence,
no matter the season.

In every holiday, make Him the reason for the season.


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