Wait upon the Lord

What does that word mean to you?  If you are waiting, are you sitting
… in a chair at a doctor’s office?
Or standing … in a line at the grocery store?
Would you picture yourself reading a book
… while a child finishes an instrument lesson or ball practice?
Maybe you picture yourself pacing in a hospital hall?
Or going through the motions while waiting on God to answer a prayer?
for health? healing? salvation? conviction?

Ahhh…. but what does a server do at a restaurant?
“Good evening. I am Martha and I will be your server tonight.
Can I start you off with something to drink?”
“What would you like from the menu?”
“Would you like to try one of our specialty sauces for your steak?”“Would you like some more tea or coffee?”
“How about a dessert tonight? We have a wonderful Double Chocolate Truffle Mousse?”

Isn’t this also waiting?

Could it be the Lord wants us to “wait” upon Him in this manner?
Lord, where would you have me go?
What would you have me do?
Can I get something else for you?

I still remember it.
I used to be the one in our little church that wrote and offered the children’s sermons on Sunday mornings. My big kids were then … maybe four and six.  Joy wasn’t even an idea conceived. I loved writing. I loved finding a good illustration. I loved sharing with the children.

And I still remember a few of my little orations well. Because they spoke to ME
so much more than they probably ever spoke to any of those little souls
gathered at the base of the pulpit …. eyes wide …. ears open.

I remember the verse ….I still remember how excited I was when I got the idea for this particular children’s sermon.
Looking back, it only makes sense …. me and my “Martha-self.”

As I look up this word, “wait,” in my Strong’s concordance, it tells me that this particular word doesn’t mean “get busy” … it means “expect.”

No. Not much movement in this picture.  “Look, patiently tarry, wait for, on, upon.”

The word wait in the sense of serving is a fairly new word.  Etymology tells us that it comes from 15C. It originated from the fact that a servant waited at the table to perform duties for those seated.

And truthfully, God calls us to do both: to wait (be still) and wait (serve). Because, we know that faith without works is dead. (James 2:14-26) We are the hands and feet of Christ. We are to be “about the Father’s business.”

And, so, I wonder, what would He have me do now? As I wait. Wondering what is around the bend … down the way …. over the hill. Changes are coming. I am not in a hurry …. to finish school, lose my insurance, have to work and be away from Joy for much more time than I already am.

I cannot rush time.
Nor can I slow it.

I must do what I must do. And what I must do is “wait” ….

wait = serve and wait = expect

Only HE knows what the future holds.
Wait upon the Lord! Yes, wait!


2 thoughts on “Wait upon the Lord

  1. I have to comment on your blog in general. I found you quite by accident (if you believe in coincidence) today, and became so moved by what you wrote that I’ve been trying to read all your posts, from start to finish. Now it’s 3:30am, and I’m just too tired to keep reading. I will have the house to myself tomorrow, and can carry on then. When I read your blog that included the piano music and nature sounds, I sat with tears running down my cheeks. It was so beautiful that I could hardly bear to listen. I’ll write more when I reach the end of your April 2011 blogs.


    1. Awwww… Helen, that touches me. I do the same thing. When I find a blog that I like, I tend to want to get the whole story and I try to read it from start to finish. And, yes, sometimes it takes me quite a while. So glad that you “found me” (and, no, I don’t believe in coincidence … but providence 🙂


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