Clouds of chaos

Last night, as I glanced up at the sky over Augusta, I remembered Mary Ann’s words.

I spent some time at Ormond Beach, Florida this summer with my sweet friend. She rented a beach house for many weeks and spent the weekends taking friends over to share in the beauty. I was only there a few days, but those days were pure poetry.

I flew down in late September. By then, the beaches were nearly empty. Tourists back home  … children in school.  It is that quiet, deserted beauty that intrigues me.

The days began with cloud cover
and worked into drizzle
or even torrential downpours.

Loveliness, I tell you.

As I told Mary Ann good night on our first night there, I mentioned that I planned go out the next morning at daybreak to take photographs.  With disappointment in her voice, she mentioned that most mornings there lately
had involved a heavy cloud bank at the horizon.
The sun couldn’t be seen until well after daybreak.And so it was.

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events. But, I thought a lot about her words
and us ….
…  how we want a close spiritual walk
but we don’t want the gift of finding ourselves being in need spiritually
because that need comes when we find our physical world
in upheaval … mayhem … uncertainty.

tumult …. turmoil … strife … struggle
clouds and fog and rain.
We would rather not have them …
rather not see them.

But, there is so much beauty there.
A richness that life doesn’t hold
the world around us doesn’t offer
when the seas are calm
and the clouds are absent.

If I can easily scale the wall,
climb the mountain
juggle the balls  …
then where is the victory?
Where is the accomplishment?

And who do we hear say,
“I drove my car today!!”
“I walked to the end of the block!”
“I made dinner!”
Only those who have been struggling with such.

The clouds … the rain …. the mist and fog and storms
they all present challenges
and there is beauty in the challenge
when we find ourselves crying out,
“Lord! Please help me!”

They’re all gifts … our struggles … aren’t they?   They are a gifts given to us to remind us of our need for Him.  Each of us is given our own …. each personalized for us ….

But, like the back lit clouds on the horizon,
the Son is there providing light
illuminating the depths
helping us to see the way through
even to see the downpour more clearly.
And when we allow His presence
yes, there is beauty.


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