May your weekend be protected

…. prickly knot of steel …  strategically placed …
thousands of them in a single roll of cable
… not designed to cause you injury
… but purposed to keep you and yours
safe …

from harm. injury. destruction.
trauma. damage. impairment.
mischief. deceit. wickedness.
abuse. spoil. wound.
hunger of the wild …

to the other side of the fence
on the outside of protection
…and we put ourselves in harms’ way.
finding ourselves torn gaping …. wound pouring ….. soul reeling …..
by the spike designed to protect
when we become so bold, foolish, inattentive
as to climb
over …. under …. around ….
HIS protection.

May your weekend be filled with
joy, beauty & exploration
within the protection
of HIS presence.

{{{hugs}}}, blessings & peace

Photo Credit: JohnBoy Robeson Photography


One thought on “May your weekend be protected

  1. Wonderful Ms. Karen! You have forever changed the way I will look at Barbed wire fences 🙂 What a wonderful way to express His mighty, yet gentle presence for us!


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