Makes Me Happy Monday : Sin

In reading Ann’s book, One Thousand Gifts, I’ve given a good bit of thought to being thankful

for everything.


Which has brought me around to sin.
God created all things … and so, didn’t He also create sin?
We can at least agree that He allowed sin, right?
And if all things work together for good according to His purpose,
for those that love Him (Romans 8:28) ….
sin works for good …
or at least it CAN work for good.
whoa whoa whoa. I’m not saying sin IS good …
but, that from its existence, good can come.

I think of the protected life
the one who has everything provided
and has no want or need
… one who isn’t required to work
… who leads a life of leisure.
What life is that?

But, the life that has struggle?
The soul is challenged?
The humanity who has to work,
and decide
and lament over decisions
and directions …
and even the life that has fallen into sin
(because every life has)
THAT is the life that is rich
and full of wisdom and strength
from adversity.

As the butterfly or moth who is helped from the chrysalis or cocoon
will live a crippled life with underdeveloped, weak wings
that lead to an early death ….

We develop strength through adversity.

And so temptation ….
and even injury through the participation in sin
help us more fully understand
the chasm between us and a Holy God (He being sinless)
so … we learn from our mistakes
and are strengthened by them.

So, that tempting tree with luscious fruit in the original perfect garden
was part of a plan to foster worship.

For what joy comes from forced worship?
If I worship automatically and do not have a choice,
then the one that is worshipped hears empty praise.
Ahhh, but when we can see the sin …
when we can feel our need …
when we acknowledge His greatness and our lack,
then our worship is rich, dense, full….And so, as odd as it sounds
today, I think of sin
and it Makes Me Happy.
It reminds me of my smallness
and His greatness …
my frailness
and His tremendous strength …
my needs
and His provision.

Yes, Sin Makes Me Happy this marvelous Monday morning.
What brings joy into your life today?


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