Backfired on Me

Joy, my theatrical child who is always creating, devising, drawing and fabricating?  Well, she began to come home from school with marker on her hand.  From time to time, I have asked her not to draw on her hand, but I haven’t made a big deal of it.

I join her once a week at school for lunch.  I thought I was going to be really smart and settle this “hand decorating” issue once and for all. I’d get her daytime supervisor, her teacher, to back me up, right? 

So, I’m at school enjoying chicken fingers and rationed ranch dressing, when Joy’s teacher comes into the lunch room.  Here’s my chance! I grab my offspring by the hand, waving purple and blue emblems decorating this hand and inching up a creamy winter arm into the air and I ask, “What is your opinion about this? Do you have a classroom rule about skin decorations?”

Joy’s teacher has, many times, compared our daughters as being quite similar. And she’s a good bit like me: opinionated, quick to speak, flexible in many ways and gracious towards the quirky and talented. So, I shouldn’t have been surprised by her answer.  “My rule has always been: write all over your hand, but your wrist bone is the stopping point.”

*ouch*  That was NOT the answer I hoping for or expected. 

But, that’s the new rule.

We’ve moved from Sharpies to Washable Crayolas, so she’s not inhaling fumes from a toxic ink or soaking it through her pores. And the designs wash off easier … which helps create a clean canvas much faster.

My most recent theory is:  if she has the opportunity to “clean her canvas” easily right now, a tatoo would not sound like a good thing in the future because it’s ssssoooooo permanent. *wink*  Right?

It sounds good anyway.

And, no, she won’t get a tatoo on MY time.  It’ll be AFTER she’s 18. That’s a guideline that won’t be changing.

Lesson learned ; confirm the opinion of your ally before asking for it to prove your point.


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