Looking for Love

It’s all around. If you look, you will see it.
Last year, a friend at school made a Happy Single’s Awareness Day emblem for her Facebook page. I thought it was funny, so I came up with something of my own.

It wasn’t up for more than a day… when I had to take it down. It made me sad. If you’re happy and proud that you’re single, then celebrate it. But, at the time, I was neither happy nor proud that I was single.

This was my replacement. It made me smile. It focused on giving love … rather than my lack of the amount or kind of love that I might feel that I am owed or need. It felt less “Feel sorry for me” and more “Love One another.”

I can honestly say that I’m looking for love,
but not in the way that a country song might imply.
I keep my eyes open for the Creator of Love.
I want all He has to give me … teach me … show me. (yikes … that’s a scary thing to think, say or type!)
The Bible tell us that love comes from God (1 John 4:7). And not just that it comes from Him … but that He IS Love (1 John 4:8).

And so, the spiritual/physical parallel quest continues …. always looking for love.

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events.

I see its symbols all around … and I am encouraged.

He gives me  {{{{hugs}}}}
…. He shows me “love” through a serving of beans on a purple lunch plate in an elementary school cafeteria. And I snap a shot … to remember.
And then I eat the love … and am nourished.a string bean ... with a side view that offers a heart shape

I see it when I’m out walking the neighborhood.  This is a heart … that might be made of those little waxy sticks meant for creating.  Or maybe it is a piece of yarn dipped in glue and laid out in a heart shape to dry. I’m not sure …. but it’s on the sidewalk … and has been there for …. EVER! And it always makes me smile … as I step over the love and go about my life.

Even Joy sees it.  When she was working on her science fair project, she took off to find a camera and came back to take a photo of the little heart in the reflection of the cup. Oh, swoon. She gets it.
I see it, too, and love’s light is reflected back upon me.

I spied love on this rock. And my friends talked about me as they padded forward on the trail and I was left behind … “She’s stopped to take more pictures,” was flatly spoken from one person to another. *whispers* …. but, I see it … and I don’t want to forget. * snap, snap, snap. * I touch the love … run my fingers across its suppleness … clinging to a rock for dear life. Lichen working to form a heart on a rockEven when it’s rainy …. there is multicolored, natural love to be found … floating in puddles ….  I pick it up and inspect it … love drenched in living water.

They’re  all around. He leaves us notes … symbols …. gifts to remind us of His love … His presence. Look for them. They may be beautiful and obvious. They may be hidden and require a treasure hunt or a lifting of the mist to find. But, they are there. Look for them.

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