Light … adds the beauty

One at a time, I scroll through photos
looking for just the right one to fit in the post.
I quickly slide through twenty shots of fungus
and there it is: the one.And it struck me: it’s the light.
Yes, the lighting is the difference.
In the other photos, the mushrooms could be seen … there was light …
but this one was bathed in light …
the striping of the sun gave this shot
character … depth …. beauty … interest.
Yes, the sun made the difference.
When there is sun, the depth is illuminated.

The more sun that is allowed in, the better we can see our stumbling blocks.

The sun illuminates our path .. so that we may travel in safety.

When we stand in the sun, we can better see ourselves.

Our sweet Dulcie ... bathed in sunshineEven the animals are drawn to the sunlight.

Without the sun,

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events.

Yes, without the Son,
all living things would die.

Thank you, Lord, for a world
overflowing with
visual parables
of Your Love for us.
You give us life.
You add the beauty.

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