Makes Me Happy Monday : Dandelions

They’ll soon be here …. lush green fields, wild with joyful, yellow faces following the son and hoary heads of age blown bare by a strong wind.

Congregating in fieldsscattered in yards or lone,
finding life
between the cracks of sidewalk
near thoroughfares with busy travelers not even taking notice of their presence….

I remember an earlier time when I had been indoctrinated that dandelions were “bad.”  It was not a good thing to have a dandelion in your yard. With a gust of summer wind, their little parachute seeds would  to take over your yard.

But, I have not seen that to be true in my yard.

I rather like them …. those luminous yellow faces that show up uninvited and bring their joyful smile along. And they propagate that smile by spreading it far and wide.

Who termed her a weed? Is she a “weed” because her seeds are not sold at a local nursery? Because we cannot buy her potted from a hot house?

And what other gifts are we given by God
that we term a nuisance … a problem …. weed
when, in fact, they were meant to bring us joy?

*stomps foot* Who makes “these” decisions??
I don’t know,  but I have made a decision: dandelions make me happy.
And I know that they’ll be popping up soon.

I wait.

Yes, Dandelions Make Me Happy this marvelous Monday morning.
What gift in disguise has made you smile lately?

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