A Chrismon Easter

Symbols knit together ideas for us. They are a visual reminder of an idea or concept. They speak without using words.

As does the Chrismon tree. It is an idea that began in the Lutheran church, but is embraced by the Methodist, as well.

The Chrismon tree is a Christmas tree decorated with symbols that represent Christ. Usually the ornaments are simple and white. They are often decorated with sequins and glitter. An example of the symbols might be a dove for peace, a crown for kingship, a candle for light, wheat for the bread of life or a manger for Christ’s humble birth.

As much as I like the Chrismon tree, it is the “after Christmas” life of the tree that means so much to me.

Many churches will use a live tree each year.
After Christmas, they will take off the ornaments and store the tree
so that it’s branches can be stripped away in the spring.
The tree will be cut into two pieces
and used to create a cross to be used in the church at Easter.

I decided I wanted to follow this denomination tradition, so, after our tree was removed from the house, I took a few moments to strip away it’s limbs. Now it waits.

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events.Tying Christmas and Easter together
….  birth and death ….
is so meaningful and moving.

It is a visual representation
of the two spiritual seasons.
The limbs will now wait … for spring and rebirth.

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