I wrote about the Character Word of the Month for November for Georgia schools; Tolerance.
I love having a character word for the month …. but I don’t care for November’s choice.

This month’s character word is Resourcefulness.
A child from each class room is chosen to represent the word of the month.
So, there will be three fifth graders representing “resourcefulness.”

Sweet Joy was chosen for this month.

This is Joy’s desk this morning
…. pieces of who-knows-what
taken apart to be used for creating
who knows what.
pliers …. wire …. screwdrivers … tweezers … scissors ….
These are her tools of destruction  … and creation.

In fact, you see on the right a modified Nerf gun.  She took it apart, added a stronger spring, painted it, changed the barrel so it has a skinny tube to better aim her ammunition ….
and now it shoots bb’s.

Yeah. I took those away. We don’t make a weapon out of a gun that was a toy. I’m okay with guns. I’m not okay with toys that do things that real guns do. I’m okay taking her to a gun range where she learns respect for guns and how to shoot one properly and safely. I’m not okay with her learning the lesson the hard way that toy guns can put out an eye. When James was young, our next door neighbor put out his eye with a bb gun he got for Christmas. He was ten.  I’m just not willing to risk an eye with a modified toy.

As we get ready this morning, I can’t help but think that her teacher, the nominator, probably doesn’t realize JUST HOW RESOURCEFUL this child truly can be.

So, by the time you read this, we’ll be honoring her with a table full of goodies to eat with other resourceful kids.
I’m so thankful that she was chosen. The label is fitting.


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