Canon Investment

For years, people have been telling me, “You need to get a ‘real’ camera.”  I would clutch my little Sony tight, as if she might be offended, and tell them, “I love my camera.  She does everything I need her to do and I don’t WANT a bigger camera.” Then I’d rattle off all the reasons that my little pocket camera was what I wanted right now.

When I first got her, I only shot in auto mode.  But, as time went on, I played around with all the different settings and now I can jump from one place to another with ease.

But, I knew the time would come.

Lately, there are things I want to photograph that I can’t.  I want to take photos in lower light, or extremely far away. I want to be able to control my shutter speed … but I can’t.

The desire for a more complex camera has started to grow within.

While taking photos of some friends with my sweet, little pocket Cybershot, Anne said, “Ya know, you could just borrow my camera for a while. I used to use it, but now I use my pocket camera all the time.”

I didn’t hesitate to accept the offer as a gracious gift from Anne AND God.

My little camera does an amazing job … on certain photos. It takes amazing macro (up close) shots. It does well for snapshots. It takes excellent indoor shots with low light. But, It doesn’t catch action, close-to-dark or telephoto shots well at all.

For example, here’s a close to dark photo with my Cybershot from the camping trip.

Even in the deepest darkness, a Canon Rebel wouldn’t have created a grainy image like this if the camera was set on the right settings.

And so, I’m snapping and experimenting.  And I’m so excited to have the chance to play with a “big girl camera” for an extended period of time.

I’m praising God for giving me time to learn at my own pace … then providing me with a gift when I was ready.

My thoughts turn to the parallel between the spiritual and parallel worlds.  I’m so thankful that God doesn’t convict us of ALL of our sin at once. We would be completely overwhelmed and discouraged. We would never have the energy to put forth the effort to grow and purge our habits of sin. Even as we read the Bible, any particular verse might say one thing to us today …. and something different a few years later.  God doesn’t throw it all at us at once.  He gives us what we can handle- like a little pocket camera – when we are ready.  He teaches us all about the settings and ins-and-outs of operation. And then, when we fully grasp the concepts and administration of the smaller item, He gifts us with more (like a “big girl camera”).

Like Jesus spoke in parables, paralleling the spiritual and physical worlds, God convicts and teaches me through similar daily events.

In fact, Joy and I were talking yesterday about the parable of the talents from Matthew 25:13-30.  If you have been in church, you’ve probably heard this story several times.  The focus always seems to be on what the servants did with what they were given. Each of the three servants were given talents (coins).  One was given five, one two and one person was given one talent. The servants given five and two talents each invested their money and earned more. But, the one given one talent, hid it in the ground … because he was afraid of the master and he did not want to lose it. As we talked, I couldn’t help think about how gracious God is to give us what He knows we can wisely handle. He did not give five talents to the foolish man. He did not withhold from the wise servant and only allow him one talent.  He, the Master, who represents God in this parable,  gave according to the ability of His servant. So, even the servant who was only given one talent was given the opportunity to hear, upon the master’s return, “Well done my faithful servant! Enter into the joy of the Lord!!” … but he blew it. And he was instructed to give his single talent to one of the faithful servants.

I want to be a faithful servant. I want to take what I have been given and multiply it, that my Master will be pleased.

I’m thanking Anne for being so gracious to offer me such a valuable present. I will care for her well, gently and thoroughly.

And I will do my best to use my “talent” with a camera to be a blessing to my Lord. 

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