My friend, Kelly,  writes me to tell me that her absolute best friend in the world
has walked out of her life. I don’t know the details but I know that she felt she had to make an “us or them” choice.
She felt she should choose blood over spirit.
Kelly tells me in a five a.m. message exchange
me up and fresh for the day …
her still lingering from the day prior, refusing to close her eyes to the world
yes, putting off rest ….
She tells me ….
in her last line …
“I’m doing my best just to breathe.”  

Then I pull up Ann’s blog and read again
“breathing through the hard thanks.”
Ann speaks of her niece
who has struggled throughout her entire life
for her body to do that which it is designed – to breathe.
On oxygen, pure and fresh to nourish,
she hangs on … pink and new and fragile …
seven weeks out of the womb.
Ann exhales, “Life is Lamaze.”

And then I immediately read “Prayer in the PET scan”
by my friend, Karen.
Her husband, a rough and tumble, tough guy
who is not generally claustrophobic,
is strapped into place with hands above his head
and run through this chamber machine.
To his surprise, he finds himself panicked
and on his proverbial knees
pleading for strength to make it through this test.
He caves and asks to be pulled out.
He realizes he has to finish the test so
“he took a deep breath”
Karen says, ”
“Every second of every minute that he was in that scanner
was breathtaking
and not in a good way.”

Here I sit wondering about breathing
… necessary to life
but in certain situations,
very difficult.

And I think about a time not so long ago
when words were spoken and I knew they would ring back into my life.

And so, I listen and wait
to learn more about breathing.
Talk to me, Lord,
that I would “live Lamaze” ….
and that You would be the sustaining, life giving breath in my lungs.

3 thoughts on “Breathing

  1. A friend’s status update on Facebook this morning:
    “Prayer is like breathing for Christians. When u don’t pray, you’re holding your breath spiritually – fighting against the very existence and presence of God in your life – John MacArthur.”


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