Seasonal Blossoms

This plant stand has blessed my porch since Valdosta … filled with begonias and begging a “good morning” greeting for years. From Lamplighter Road to Cat Creek Road (both Valdosta), to Bethel Road (Bainbridge) to Fort Gordon (Augusta) and now here in Montclair (Augusta). That covers about thirteen years. I’ve never seen them NOT in bloom. Yes, I fill a hole with a new plant when one withers away. All I do is water her when she’s dry and pull her inside when the temps dip below freezing. Hardy? Yes. And hearty? Oh, yes.

The glisten of the petals as light sifts through their thin skin astounds me every time I see it. If there is glitter in the natural world, it lives on the breast of hummingbirds, on the wings of butterflies and in the bloom of begonia. The luminescence makes me smile.I’m watching my ornamental cabbage bolt right now. I guess I bought a miniature variety because I planted these plants and they stayed nestled down in their winter bed with a blanket of mini-pine bark … and they never moved. They didn’t grow at all. 

Now that the sun is stronger and the days are longer, I’m noticing that the dark foliage is bolting, while the white is not.

I wonder if the idea that dark colors absorb light/heat and white reflects it comes into play here?

I’ve given a good bit of thought to my choice of seasonal greenery.  I figure, twenty dollars spent twice a year to spruce up the entry way to my home is money well spent.  It brightens my day and helps my home look tended and welcoming.

But, this year has been somewhat of a surprise. The cabbage stayed tiny and the pansies have JUST recently started to bloom well.

How often does this happen? We plant. We tend. We wait. But, we don’t get the results we desire or expect.

That’s life isn’t it? Christian or non-Christian. Male and female. Young and old.

The only thing
we can control in life
is our attitude.

I choose to be thankful for the seasonal blossoms … whenever they arrive.
I continue to count ….
One Thousand Gifts
I give thanks for

372. pansy blooms … ridden with evidence that they have been the meal of a “pest.” Food for my visual soul has become food for a physical soul.
373. bolting. growth after rest. turning to seed that new life can come. tall, lankiness in shades of green, hues of violet.
374. seasons that are constant. we know what to expect. a world created with order and organization.
375. natural glitter … embedded into petals and wings and feathers. to tantalize our eyes.
376. paper-thin petals of salmon pink … a year round beauty to behold.
377. cardinals … sifting through seeds … spitting out hulls … chirping from our feeder that spring is near.
378. one last load of firewood … to warm the inside while a chill lingers indoors
… knowing that the temp will rise soon.
379. a day spent with Glory … and a drive home from a close by city ending with the  usual mother/daughter position: me behind the wheel, her asleep in the seat beside me. She still makes me swoon.
380. bare tulip trees … finished with their spring extravagance and soon to be covered in green while dogwood and azalea are ready to follow the lead.
381. cat hair on the head rest of a chair … the place he spends his evenings of late, watching other kit-kats do an occasional walk by. I’m thankful  he has remained safe for almost six years now, though we live terribly close to a street. I enjoy him. 


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