Had to be done

AArrggh! Sometimes, it’s better just to give in.

My window duct tape job was working out really well.  I rarely went through a drive-thru (which was a GOOD thing). The window stayed shut. The duct tape even – fairly well – matched the color of my van so I felt like it was … uhm… sorta camouflaged. Yeah. That’s it! Nobody even noticed it! *rolls eyes*

WELL … warm weather has caused the stickiness of the tape to become slideyness …
and my window wouldn’t stay closed.
Yes, there were times that I found the duct tape came completely loose
and I realized I was driving down the highway with tape flapping in the wind.
Really classy, huh?
Then again, it was reminiscent of those little streamer things that I used to have on the handlebars of my bike when I was a kid.  Somehow, that doesn’t really improve the mental image, does it?

So, I went through a whole roll of tape
and had to buy a second roll.

But, I got SMART! I bought AUTOMOTIVE duct tape the second time around
… because it’s made for higher heat!
Although, Joy pointed it, it was more silver than black
so it was quite noticeable
as it FRAMED the window.
She said something about it helping to prevent us from being a target of a carjacking.
Oh, and this roll was more expensive, also!

We had a hot day, followed by a rainy day. I had re-taped the window THREE times ….
in one day.
My window began to have an accumulation of nasty, sticky, white duct tape residue.
You would THINK that the paper towel lint that stuck to the residue every time I had to DRY the window before RE-taping it shut would help hold the new tape to the window even better … but nnnnoooooo!!
Then I lost my roll of tape.
*poof* It was g.o.n.e.
And my window wouldn’t stay up.
And I looked ALL over my house for the roll.
I asked James several times about the roll. Joy assured me she didn’t have it. Glory hadn’t been home to pick it up. High and low, I looked. For several hours one afternoon and night …. and several more the next morn … with fresh, full spring clouds looming on the horizon. I thanked God that the rain was more drizzly than it was bucket-pouring style.

I really didn’t want to buy ANOTHER roll of tape, but saw no other choice.
On my way to the duct tape store, around 1:30 on Saturday afternoon, I stopped at my Butler to ask them if they could WEDGE my window closed from the INSIDE of the door. Yes, I did.  Sounds crazy, but my friend, Logan, assured me that it worked for him. But, I was getting desperate.

Long story a little shorter, I caved and Butler replaced the motor for me while I was in my vulnerable, desperate, damp state of mind.

I’m telling you, I love these guys. They handed me keys so I could run my errands while they took care of the job. They agreed to give me a little grace on my payment so that I didn’t have to hand over the whole $450.00 right that moment …. yes. $450.00  ← That number is the reason that I chose to toy with duct tape since January.  :/

And so now, we’re riding in style again. My van has its swagger back. No duct tape.
And I can run through the BK drive-thru without embarrassment.
I can retrieve mail from the mailbox when I drive into the driveway.
And I can roll down my window to speak to someone in another car
or walking down the sidewalk or in a parking lot.
And if I happen to plummet over a bridge and into a river
I can quickly roll down my window,  unclip my seatbelt and swim to safety
just like in the movies.
Of course, the key to that trick will be speed … because I’m assuming the electric window will SHORT OUT fairly quickly after the van is fully immersed in the water.
At least the window isn’t wedged closed. Then I’d be a deadman …. errr, or a dead woman, actually.
Anyway, I’m thankful that my window is working properly again.

Oh! And Joy called me around 2:45
almost in tears with regret
to tell me that she found my duct tape.
She accidentally picked it up when she was heading out the door
for an overnight visit with a family member.
She MEANT to bring it to me, but somehow it got shuffled into her stuff.
So, she had it with her
across town
and my van window was ready to be picked up.

She was even kind enough to bring it back home
albeit, it is now spread evenly across the body of
a modified Nerf gun :/
Oh well. I didn’t need high-heat duct tape any more anyway.


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