Oops! Not “that” roof, Lord

At some point … in the not-so-distant future, I will have to replace the roof (shingles) on my home. We had a really large limb fall back before I was a single-mom in this home. It ripped the gutter off the back of the house and took some siding and some of the soffit with it. Of course, I took photographs.

I called our insurance company. I asked a battery of questions … the way I always do … about insurance rates, if we chose to pursue having the company cover the damage etc. I was trying to decipher if we should just make the repair or allow/ask the insurance company to get involved. I didn’t really want our insurance to go up and I wondered if it would be better if we just handle the repair on our own.

I received several quotes on the repair. One roofing guy even told me, with a *wink,* he would give an elevated quote and then charge  $1,000. less so that the insurance would cover everything and I wouldn’t have to pay the deductible. In my heart, I knew this guy was being dishonest and he really gave me the willies. *shudders*

After receiving the quotes, we chose a different company to do the repair work. I called the insurance company back and they said that I needed to submit photographs before we could file.

We had a computer crash after the limb crash … and we lost two years of photographs … including the limb-on-the-roof shots.

Within less than a month, State Farm sent us a note that said that they had done a “drive by” of our home. They said our roof was in “disrepair” and we had … I think it was … six weeks to fix it or we would lose our insurance. Well…. our roof has never LOOKED bad. It’s NOT in bad shape. And the little bit of damage that was caused by the limb was on the BACK of the house, above the deck. They would have to enter the backyard and walk all the way around the house and UP onto the deck to see the damage. A “drive by” would NEVER have shown any trouble. In fact, we keep our roof exceptionally clean, keeping the valleys leaf free even during fall.

So,  State Farm canceled our policy. We had to change insurance agencies and now, thanks to the quotes, I have the knowledge that a new roof will cost me  between $10,000. (with a *wink*) and a gazillion dollars (either figure is out of my price range).

So, what have I done? Well, I continue to keep the valleys clean. James has repaired the only real damage to our roof (a small hole, maybe 3.5″ across? … from another limb … another tree … another storm … another day). And I’ve begun to repair the area where the gutter fell and ripped away some of the soffit/fascia board.

And I’ve started to pray. Ya know, five dollars and ten thousand dollars are the same as a gazillion to God. So, I’ve prayed that a limb would fall on the roof and insurance would cover the repair.  And I’ve prayed, of course, that nobody would be injured when the limb falls.

I’ve held onto the fact that I believe that MY doing the right thing (as opposed to being dishonest and letting some slimy *winky* guy be dishonest with the insurance company) would please God. I cling to the fact that the insurance company did us wrong to cut us off when I was trying to do the right thing.  I know God loves us when we do the wrong thing and He forgives and has mercy … but I also know that He is pleased when we do the right thing. So, I’m holding out that, in the long run, I will have plenty of money to cover the roof – or insurance will end up doing it for me.

James called me last night as a rainstorm neared to tell me that a large limb had fallen over his bedroom.  It hit the roof of our house, but he couldn’t see any damage. And part of the limb
…. hit his car. He bought this car about four or five months ago. He’s added special headlights and a new exhaust system. The limb crumpled his roof, ruined his seat, and shattered his glass. Another limb hit the front and dented the hood. At the least, the glass, roof (which has a sunroof which will be added cost), hood and seat will have to be placed and then the car will have to be painted.

Honestly, it’s probably not worth as much as all that work will cost. Hondas hold their value … but that’s a stretch! So, insurance will probably call it a loss.

Ya know what I thought when he called me, trembling and telling me about the limbs?

“Lord, that wasn’t the roof I was talking about!”

BUT, hey …
nobody was injured
and “the” roof is being repaired/replaced!!!

Not that I didn’t already know this lesson,
but I am gently reminded
to be careful what you pray for

when you pray

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