I wish I could take a photo … or a shoot a video! for you.

We were there. Five of us. It was dark. I don’t know why we were tucked away in this storage closet type place. But, we were. Joy was there. We were all quiet. And nervous. We were not quite touching, but the corner was small and we were cramped. When I spotted him. It was the carcass of a tiger. He was hanging up against the wall … not long ago dead. Shadows filtered through the cracks in the wood so he could barely be seen. But, he was large and dreadful.

Then I woke up.

The last thing I remember about the other one was that I had no choice. There would be a small fence tattooed onto my back. It had three posts and two cross beams and looked like a farm fence. It would be inked in black, between my right shoulder blade and my spine. I was being held down. I finally jerked away and escaped.

Then I woke up.

Those are the two
from last night.
…. that I remember.

They come two or three or four a night. I’ve always loved to sleep and had pleasant dreams. But, the last few weeks
in fact,
it’s been since around the day I had to remember to “breathe”
that I have had bad dreams at night.
My very first blog post here on WordPress was about dreams.
I think dreams are imagination at work
figuring out outcomes,
playing out scenarios
in the adventures of our lives.

I can’t decide if my bad dreams are linked to the apprehension of finding a job,
making enough money to care for us
or the responsibility of caring for Joy, James, the pets and our home financially
or if the dreams are rooted in something else.
They could be about doing an excellent job on my portfolio (due next week)
or finishing a few other projects on the house that are dragging along a bit
due to lack of time, money and ability.

Oftentimes, these dreams involve caring for large groups of people. I remember one where there were twenty or thirty children, all going in different directions, grouped by twos and threes, and I couldn’t keep up. This pair was in danger. That group was moving out of sight. And I didn’t know what to do.

And I woke up.

Sometimes, I have felt like I was herding cats … like that funny commercial.

I know worry is unnecessary in the life of a Lord lover. Some will call it a sin. I feel certain these dreams are rooted in worry of some sort.

Right now, I have no answers
but I really need to work this out.

Tonight …
may we both
have sweet dreams.


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