Makes Me Happy Monday : Margaret & Joy

I think I’ve mentioned before
that Joy is quirky.
Sometimes quirky people attract others and
sometimes they don’t.
I am so thankful that Joy has found a friend as quirky as she is.
Margaret is one of Joy’s favorite people. They share a lot of the same interests.
They both like to write and lOvE to be the one with the mic in the spotlight.
I think they both dream of having an audience.
They’re both pretty creative. They love music (they have even formed a “band” together). They have incredible enthusiasm for … just about anything. And fun? It happens everywhere they go.
And they both tried out for Davidson Magnet School.

Yep, Margaret is the one on the right in a short sleeved shirt with a knitted cap (she said it covers her hair when it sticks up) and rain boots (no, it wasn’t raining).  She has a perpetual smile and the biggest, most compassionate, helpful spirit of any little person I know.

And Joy, she’s on the left in the bright salmon colored jacket. Yep. She’s carrying her 19 year old sister’s Spiderman lunchbox.

Joy asked me to point out that right after the two enter the gates, they skipped their way to the commons area.

They make me laugh!!

With two days of auditions and hundreds of kids trying out for the few spots available at the school, only time will tell and only God knows who will get in. But, I’m pulling for these two girls. We should receive letters around the week of Masters (our spring break) as to who made it in!  So, we’ll know soon!!

Yeah, Margaret and Joy Make Me Happy this marvelous Monday morning.
What brings you joy today?


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