May your weekend be filled with lounging

This week has swirled and tumbled enough that I have fallen behind on sleep. Having not planned ahead for that, my blog has fallen silent for a few days. Please forgive me.

My plans for the weekend include absolutely nothing but relationship building and relaxation. I hope you’ll find time for these in your world, as well.

May you make time for lounging in a warm sunny spot, arms outstretched in relaxation.

Grab a deck of cards or a board game and play a few rounds with a little person …. or a big person.  Read a book out loud to anyone who will listen.  Take a walk on a trail or path and hold hands. Amble beside moving or still waters. Pedal your way around the neighborhood. Ride a horse. Plant bulbs. Dig in the dirt. Enjoy someone this weekend.

{{{hugs}}}, blessings & peace to you,



2 thoughts on “May your weekend be filled with lounging

  1. We drove into Arizona from New Mexico about an hour ago and will see our three precious grandkids and our beautiful daughter and our fabulous son-in-law tomorrow! Now that’s a perfect weekend and start to a fun-filled two week visit with them.


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