Makes Me Happy Monday : Losing Things

when I lose something,
it turns out that “I” didn’t lose something,
someone else “borrowed” something
and hasn’t put it back yet.
Like the duct tape escapade the other weekend.

I’m pretty organized. I have some hefty piles here and there, but for the most part, I know where most everything is in our home. I keep lists and calendars. I’d say I’m at 80% of where I’d like to be in complete organization. I think that’s pretty good since I set pretty high standards for myself.


Like last week.  I had a final due last week. Preparation consumed a good bit of time … I’d say two or three days.  Joy was out of school on Friday so I planned an out of town trip for us.  As soon as my final (portfolio) was turned in, I focused on packing for our trip.

We were going camping and taking our kayaks.  I bought an underwater camera last summer just for “wet” times.  It would only make sense to take THAT camera on the boat with us, right?

So, I needed to charge the batteries so I’d have plenty of juice for the trip. Even if I don’t have a back up camera with me, I always have a back up battery close by.

But, I couldn’t find my camera cord …


I looked off and on for two or three days.

We went on the trip without the Olympus.

We have now returned.

I still don’t know where that cord is hiding.

But, I’ve come to realize one wonderful thing:
when you lose something, you hunt for it …
and when you hunt for something, you find other things.

This is the upload cord for my two black Sony Cybershots.  I’ve had it for-evuh. Somehow, it was put “up” in the bottom of the cord box (a wooden box that holds miscellaneous cords).  It’s been missing for several months. It should have been put into the desk drawer with every-else-camera. I have a back up cord for another Cybershot that I use in its place … but I’ve been looking for this cord for a while now.

Because I lost the Olympus cord
I found the Sony cord.

So, I’ve realized that a hunt for a misplaced item is an incredible irritation
but often brings good things.

Yep … Losing things Makes Me Happy 😀
What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morn?


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