St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

The end of the quarter
I was so excited to hand my portfolio over to my instructor and know that all assignments had been completed.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been collecting.  I found gold wrapped, chocolate coins about six weeks ago. Cake mix and frosting were easy, of course. Well, the first two boxes, anyway. More on that in a moment. But, oh! Those little rainbow Airheads. My, oh my.  They were a bear to locate this year.

Last year, Joy came across this cute little recipe for St. Patty’s cupcakes.  I made them for her class last year and wanted to do it again this year.  The days are drawing near when cupcakes with green frosting, striped, rainbow Airhead rainbows and gold coins at the base of the rainbows … won’t be a cool thing any more!

With my portfolio on Mr. D’s desk on Wednesday, I could (take a big nap to catch up on lost sleep and then, Thursday morning,) begin the whirlwind cupcake preparation … only taking a break to check the mail, mid-morning. The kitchen was still a mess from lack of attention during the past few days of final preparation … but I knew I could clear a space for confection creating and then get the house back in order fairly quickly. Mail in the box

It came. The letter? Yes. It came!

I WOULD have had plenty of time to finish all the cupcakes and deliver them to Joy’s class when I went for lunch ….. had I not had to bake FOUR.STINKING.BOXES of cupcakes. The first batch burned. Really? Why, yes, really!  Then the second batch … was a little … let’s just say “smokey-flavored.”  I’ve had this problem for several years now. It’s been such an odd phenomenon.  After throwing out the second batch and a second run to Publix, I began to give this some thought. It occurred to me that layering the muffin pans side-by-side with their lips overlapping  and the edges all the way to the wall of the oven MIGHT not have been as smart as I thought. See, I thought I was baking faster because I wasn’t having to keep the oven running through two cycles of cupcakes. But, I figured out – on the THIRD box – that what I was actually doing was blocking the hot air from circulating in the oven.  The cupcakes were cooking from the bottom up, and of course, the bottoms were … well …. overdone.

But, hey! There are a lot of things that I AM …. but a slow learner I am NOT … at least, not when it comes to baking!  I got the third and fourth boxes right!  *grins proudly*

Oh. And yes, I said that I’ve had this problem for several years now … because I’ve just recently started baking marathon amounts of cupcakes because we’ve always homeschooled and rarely needed three dozen cupcakes at one time!

Have I mentioned that we don’t feed the dog treats? Never really have. You give her a snibble from the counter and she’ll follow you like a shadow for a month year. I can’t handle it. So, no treats for the dog.

But, ya know? *sing-song voice* It is St. Patrick’s Day. And … nobody was home to S.E.E me slip Dulcie a little treat. So, when I dropped an Airhead on the floor, I left it there. She found it fairly fast. It gave me such a warm, yummy feeling to know that I had given her a sweet little sugar treat … that is …. until about two minutes later when her belly full of dog-food breakfast decided that leathery, sugar-coated extravagance was not meant for canine consumption and she began to heave on the carpet. Every inch of counter covered in dishes, dozens of burned cupcakes in piles and I’m stopping to scoop up a heap of half-digested dogfood laced with an unchewed Airhead from the carpet. Great.

So … lunchtime drew close ….. burned cupcakes were here …. Airheads were there … icing was everywhere …. and I finally had to put everything down or I’d miss lunch with my boo-girl.

I didn’t take the letter with me to lunch. Because, she’d want to open it right then!  If she got in, I wouldn’t be able to jump up and down and yell and scream and hug her and twirl her in circles …. not in the lunchroom. If she didn’t make it, it would ruin her afternoon and by-golly, I wasn’t going to crush the celebratory scene that  these awesome cupcakes would create! And … I couldn’t bring her home early from school to open the letter … because she’d have 30 cupcakes to eat all by herself!

Yes, I had already teasingly told my Dad that I had C.O.N.S.I.D.E.R.E.D steaming the letter open so I would KNOW whether she made it. Then I would KNOW whether I could take it with me to school. But, that was dishonest … and besides, the school must have some experience with this because they cemented the letter shut with a piece of scotch tape that spanned THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE BACK of the envelope.  So, *stomps foot* steaming was out of the question.

Having been put in the position that I had to try more than one cupcake and lick more than one spoon, I found that I wasn’t very hungry for lunch.  I sat and watched Joy disrobe two not-nearly-ripe kiwis and eat a popsicle for lunch.  I’m not sure why but she didn’t want to eat the sausage and egg wrap that was microwaved in plastic so it would be warm.  She said she couldn’t eat it because “eggs and sausage aren’t supposed to smell like cinnamon.” Good point.  She hates eggs anyway. Oh, and she doesn’t like frozen broccoli … only fresh. Thus, she ate kiwi and a popsicle for lunch.

I couldn’t stand it. I finally caved and told her that the letter was at home. Oh.the.drama. She begged me to take her home. She pleaded with me to go get the letter. She groveled that I bring it back. She petitioned that I take her home and then bring her back.

Then she tattled on me.
She told her teacher that the letter came and that I didn’t bring it.
Her teacher is a big fan. Her teacher has a daughter that is similar (creative) so she understands my Boo. Her teacher has a daughter already at Davidson.  Her teacher wanted to know if she had made it.
I was sent home
to finish cupcakes
and return with treats
and a letter.

I returned in time for recess, which pleased me greatly because I would no longer feel embarrassed to
“jump up and down and yell and scream and hug Joy and twirl her in circles” …
because that is “normal” mom behavior on a playground, right?

And jump and yell I did.  Joy reading her acceptance letter from Davidson Fine Arts Magnet SchoolShe made it! She made it! She made it! Joy was accepted as a student for the 6th grade for the 2011-2012 school year at Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School!!

And Margaret made it, too!! As did several other friends from school, including her favorite friend at school, Caitlin!

As best I can find, there are approximately 19,000 public high schools in the nation.  US News & World Report ranked Davidson as #100 in a list of the top schools in the nation for 2010. And Newsweek rated the 1,600 schools in the nation (roughly 6% of the nation’s public high schools). Davidson was 247.

The kids all have to maintain an 80-or-above grade point average through the end of the school year to be fully accepted next year. And things are really going to be tough.  Davidson is an arts school … but still has a strong focus on academia. She’s going to have to really work hard to do well. But, I think the immersion in the arts world will feed her desire to stay enough that she will truly apply herself to the academics, as well. I know she can do it! I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

It’s such an honor that Joy was accepted.  She may not fully appreciate this gift she’s been given until some time after graduation.

So, we celebrated on St. Patrick’s day. We celebrated with cupcakes … and we celebrated with dancing on the playground.


3 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

  1. Between regurgitated rainbow Airheads,
    a letter from Davidson that could go either way
    and my being late for lunch from cupcake burnings,
    I had to forego a photo.
    I almost took one of the dog throw up, though. lol


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