Wildlife at Congaree

Before I close the cover on the Congaree National Park Story book, I thought I’d share a few photos from some of the creatures we encountered. We didn’t see any bears, racoons or deer, but we saw turtle in Weston Lake when we were on the quest for the Loblolly.

These flowers were so beautiful. I haven’t had the chance to find the name of the plant, but the bumblebees were having a heyday on the blossoms.

This sweet little brown inch worm was making his way along the rail of the boardwalk.

As Joy and I played a game, about half a dozen of these little grubs fell from the sky (more likely, from the pines, but the “sky” sounds so much more dramatic) onto the table.  We both agreed that we were happy we weren’t eating at the time.

A beautiful little anole that Joy spotted while she was chasing a skink from one good hiding spot to another.

Another snake spotted sunning along the paddling path on Cedar Creek on Saturday afternoon.

And here is a beautiful black racer that was sunning on the lower boardwalk as we were strolling by.  This is half of his body as he slid under the walking path to hide from us.  He was so beautiful.

And lastly, a wild creature of the homo sapien variety.

Thanks for humoring me as I shared about our trip and offered an on-line scrapbook.  It was as sweet an adventure as I had dreamed it would be.

4 thoughts on “Wildlife at Congaree

    1. And you are a gracious friend, Karen. Thanks. We all have our gifts. Your kids will know more about politics and history than I could ever impart. My kids will love trees and critters. Both have a place. 😀


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