Makes Me Happy Monday : More Rain

Washing away the explosion of life bringing yellow talc,
we spent the last few days drenched
…. enough rain to be soaked through and through
as if our bones were waterlogged, too ….
and just chilly enough to feel like a backlash towards winter.
Someone commented on Facebook that they knew Masters was near because
Augusta is cold and wet in the spring.
And that we are.

But, it feels so good. Days are getting longer. Things are greening up.
Birds sing furiously in the mornings, filling the new day with melody.

The weekend drizzled and dripped and trickled
then poured
and as I write, rain falls in sheets from the roof
and pours like a heavenly shower head from the gray above.

The forecast calls for an entire week of wet
with highs in the 60’s and lows in the 40’s.
It’s not a pleasant way to usher in the Masters
or welcome spring to the south
but oh what a beautiful event we should have
with most of the pollen washed from the air
and everything as moist and full of lushness as can be.

Yep! The rain Makes Me Happy this marvelous Monday morning.
What about you? What is bringing you joy today?


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