Daughter Fun

After going to a doctor’s appointment together, Glory and I ran by the commissary. I agreed to pick up a few things for her as we shopped.  Since she’s living on her own, I don’t think she’s eating quite as healthy as she did at home. And I don’t really spoil the kids, so it was just a little treat to be able to buy her a handful of things.

Glory and I had so much fun shopping. She makes me laugh. She makes me sing. I just enjoy her so much. And, oh how I miss her since she’s moved out. 

She reached for this juice and said, “Oh, Mama. This is my favorite juice.”
I’m thinking, “Of course it is. It’s also the most e.x.p.e.n.s.i.v.e juice in the display.”
With a yearning expression, she said, “It’s like a HUG in my mouth!”
I laughed
took a photo and said
“Put it in the buggy”
with a giggle.

When I was shopping with Joy just a few weeks earlier, she caught me.  I sent her on a hunt for canned olives and angel hair pasta.  By the time she returned to me, I was standing in front of the dairy section. To be honest, I was actually leaning over the cheese. And I was quietly … okay …. probably not really very quietly …. singing to myself. “Cheese! Oh.my.goodness! Cheese” …. or something like that.  I had my hands on my cheeks with excitement and I’m absolutely sure that my eyes were sparkling.

She turns the corner around the Easter candy and says,
“Mom! Really? …. Do you act like this ALL the time?
Not just when I’m around? Seriously? Mom, WHAT are you doing?”

She sees me ride the buggy through the parking lot and splash in the rain puddles on the way into the store. I guess she thinks I only do those things when she’s with me!!

I tell her, “We can buy cheese …. lots of it!!  Pounds and pounds!! Colby and Medium Cheddar and Mozzarella … even Sharp, if you want!!”

LOOK!  Look at these prices!!  A block of any Kraft cheese costs $2.50 per POUND!!! For 16 full ounces!! Two dollars and fifty cents!!! Look!!

Here’s a photo from a few days later. This was taken at Walmart. Kraft Cheese in the one pound blocks there runs you $4.78. That’s almost double the price. Isn’t that a reason to sing?  Really, I should have been singing AND dancing right there in the dairy aisle at the commissary!!

I love the commissary (military grocery store).
I really should shop there more often.
But, it’s quite a trek from my house, so I don’t.

And I’m glad none of my kids embarrass very easily. Life would be
very awkward if they did … well, for THEM anyway!

And while we were snapping photos, Glory took a photo of me. Robin Eggs are my absolute-all-time-favorite Easter candy. But, I can’t eat them any more. I realized about ten years ago that I really, truly do have a chocolate allergy. I don’t eat chocolate at all. So, at least at Easter, I pick up the bags of Robin Eggs and smell them. It does me good. It’s a once a year treat …. to smell the Robin Eggs!

By the way, my bosoms don’t really hang down to my belly button the way that this photo makes them look.  My shirt has a peace sign on it and … somehow it must just be an optical illusion. Promise.

So, all this grocery store fun made me think about God and how much He must love it when we, His children, really visit with Him.  Sure He loves when we talk to Him about the things we love (like orange juice) and thank Him for things that smell yummy (like chocolate Easter treats). And i believe He loves it when we enjoy the puddles He created and the grocery carts that provide a fun ride to the car.  When we are so busy that we don’t talk to Him or laugh with Him, I bet He misses us, too. But, when we “include” Him in our day, on our way and in our fun … not just in the tough stuff,
I bet ….
it makes Him giggle, as well.

4 thoughts on “Daughter Fun

  1. Because I have curly hair, the only time I comb through it (read: run my fingers through it) is in the shower. When it’s soaking wet and well conditioned. I probably need to get it trimmed, but I’ve been waiting two years for it to be this length again and can’t bear the thought of hacking any of it off. At any rate, the ends get tangled and dry and it hurts to get through them with my fingers. So usually, I end up angry after the shower and whatnot because of all the hair I end up pulling out. However, this time, I tried to practice intentional thanksgiving. 🙂 If you’d been eavesdropping, it would have sounded like this:

    ::grunt of pain:: “Thank you God … that I have hair.” (wrenching through tangles) ::clenched voice:: “Thank you God … that I have legs to stand on.” (working through tangles) ::less clenched voice:: “Thank you God … that I have a shower curtain between me and the world.” (tangles coming undone) ::normal voice:: “Thank you God … that I have clean water in which to wash my hair.” (hands going freely through wet hair) ::grateful voice:: “Thank you God … for provision in this country, in this house, in this life. For hair, instead of baldness; for clean water, instead of water contaminated by person poop or radiation; for legs to stand on in the privacy of my own bathroom; for tangles to work through, God, and for renewed vision.”

    It was good. I wasn’t angry afterward. Not angry at all.


  2. That brought tears to my eyes.
    You left out one thanks: “Thank you Lord for these beautiful curls that many women covet, but you chose to gift to me.”
    In fact, Glory & I were talking about you & the Lion the just Saturday. She said, “Oh, Mom. You KNOW they are going to have the prettiest children ever.” I added, “The cool thing is that they’ll be beautiful inside and out because they are wise and know the value of discipline.”
    I ❤ u.


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