I was Mistaken

Oh, friends.
I was terribly mistaken.
Mornings begin at or before four.
Evenings come to a close between seven and eight.
Even simple photographs
take more time and energy than I can muster,
as sleep is extremely valuable.

So, I will have to wait until Monday morn to return to the blog.
I hope your day is blessed,
your evenings lovely
and your nights peacefully pleasant.



2 thoughts on “I was Mistaken

    1. Bev, you are SO sweet. I thought about you ….. and knew I had to at least do a quick update. Things are good … I just don’t quite have enough time to do everything I’d like to. But, it’s just a little week long season. So much fun, no matter how tiring.
      Hope your week is blessed.
      Until next week,


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