Little Reminders that He sees me

During the week last week, while we were running back and forth to make sure that the grits and oatmeal crocks were topped off at breakfast, to put out just a little more lobster salad at lunch, or to refresh the plate of freshly baked cookies at snack, I had to travel down the hall between the dining area and the kitchen.

When I had a free moment, I would stop to look at this photograph

I’ve been in Camellia cabin for four years now. This photo has been an encouragement to me since the first time that I saw it.

It is a reminder to me that I have a Father in Heaven who
knows my heart
who took the time to weave together my inner desires and creativities
sees me.
He is looking down upon me.
And He knows the desires of my heart
and He knows things that make me happy …
…. LIKE ….  light and shadow.

This photo could have been on the other end of the building
but it was hung on the wall right beside the door that I walked through
one hundred times
or more
a day.

The sight of this simple framed photograph
with a long shadow across manicured grass
in shades of gray
gave me comfort and encouragement.

Thank you, Lord, for putting Fred Couples on the course
when the sun was going down
and the shadows were long.
Thank you for adding a photographer who could see the beauty
and capture the shot.
Thank you for the person who choose this photograph
out of the hundreds or thousands that he could have chosen
to adorn this wall.
Thank you for hanging it in the hall
right beside the door
that I would enter and exit
hundreds of times during the first full week in April
for four year running.

You bless me, Lord.
You give me gifts, desires and loves
like my love of light and shadow
and then you saturate my world with examples of that desire
that I might be encouraged.

God is good.

Are you watching for His gifts?
For His reminders of His love for you?
That you are not forsaken or forgotten?
That He wants to encourage you as you walk through life?

3 thoughts on “Little Reminders that He sees me

  1. i miss you so karen! you always remind me of how blessed we are as people. i love the fact that you think like a photographer, and see things the way i do and are able to express them with such clarity that it brings a smile to my heart!


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