Macro Mode in Life

It moves me
stirs me
shakes me
turns me
when I actively see God’s hand in my life.
I get so excited.
I watch for it more closely
and see it more clearly,
and quickly
when it has happened recently
and my eye and heart are tuned in.

And I believe it happens much, MUCH more often than I recognize
not just to me … but to everyone.

I heard a line in a song that I may very well have heard wrong, but loved, just the same.
The line was … something like
I cannot receive
all that you give to me.

And this is God, isn’t it?

He pours Himself out for me
and to me
from a universe-sized pitcher
and I stand here with my little, pint-sized drinking glass
overflowing …
water streaming across my knuckles
and running down my arms …
dripping from my elbows
and puddling at my feet
and sopping wet.

I ask Him time and again to show me Himself
because I cannot take in all that I see, hear and  experience.
And He is faithful,
but I spill … and puddle ….
I become distracted and look away ….
I miss out on that which is actually
an answer to my own prayers.

But, SOME.TIMES I see it.
Sometimes I see Him … and I know I haven’t missed it.

I couldn’t get my sweet little camera to focus a while back. I was taking photos and just decided that she must be dying.  She was near the end. Her little lens cover sticks sometimes.  I lose her LCD screen to a black emptiness at times.  She’s tired.

And then I remembered to check my macro setting. It was off.  Yay!  I turned it on and … then I could see clearly.
The photographs that I snapped were in clear, beautiful focus.

So, I kept snapping shots and later in the day found myself in a conversation with a young friend who I was mentoring a bit about photography.  She didn’t know about the “macro” button on her camera.  Not only could I explain what it does, I could SHOW her because I had macro shots that I had taken only HOURS before.

He goes before me, He walks with me, He follows behind.

On the left, the camera was not in “macro” mode. The camera automatically focused on the subject that was an average distance away …. in this case, the pine straw in the background. But, on the right, the camera focused on the petals of this hydrangea. The flower’s bloom was probably three to five inches away from the lens. “Macro mode” is not the mode that is used most often on a camera. So, when you want to focus on something up close, you must tell the camera to adjust its focal point.

But, macro mode comes natural for me. I want to move in close. I want to see the details.
I want to  see the pollen hanging like saddlebags on the knees of a bee.
I want more than an overview. I want the tiny, minute details.

Macro in economics means “the big picture” … or an overall view.
Ahhhhh … but in photography …. macro means “bigger than life.”
If you are discussing macro concepts in economics, you’re talking about the grand picture
like how our money system operates.
But, in photography, if you’re looking at a macro image,
you are looking at something small, photographed up close
so as to reveal all the tiny crevices, the texture, the detail … the nuances that you miss
in a natural shot, taken from farther away.
In a macro shot,
the drop of water
the shell of a snail
the head of a dandelion
fill the four by six print in your hand.
They are larger than life.And, yes, that is God, isn’t it? L.A.R.G.E.R than life itself.
More than we can fully take in, understand, comprehend.
He fills our little four by six frame
and yet, there is so much more than isn’t even in the shot.

I want to see more …
understand more.
I want to see the whole picture
but, oh, how I love macro mode.


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