Makes Me Happy Monday : Peace

A few weeks ago, I drove to south Georgia for a visit.
I pulled into the driveway and Della came out to greet me.
And there we were …
both wearing peace sign tees.
I don’t know about her
but I only own one.

For years, I have shunned the “peace sign.”  Somewhere along the way, I heard someone say that it began as a broken, inverted cross. I can see how that might be. But, I don’t know that for sure. And I don’t think anybody looks at it that way today.

And peace … is so desirable, isn’t it.
I yearned for it for all the years of my marriage.
My dear friend spent her youth striving for it.

And today,
my marriage
and her youth
are over
.. and I’d say
that we both live lives permeated with peace.
The strife creators and pot stirrers are gone.
I  tried for years, but never was able to truly feel at peace in my home.
An argumentative spirit seemed to rule within the walls of our home.
Long before her mother’s death,
Della walked away and decided not to allow her mom to continue to
create struggle and influence her life negatively.
But, today … there is deep, penetrating wonderful tranquility
in both of our lives.

I hope, like us, you have found a way to make peace a central theme in your life.
Yes, peace truly makes me happy.
What makes YOU happy this marvelous May Monday morn?


2 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Peace

  1. While living in an abusive marriage, I thought peace was unattainable. After I finally realized that I and my children deserved better and that only I could make that happen, I started taking those shaky first steps along a path that led to such a rich,loving, PEACEFUL life for my kids and me. That was many years ago and I will never take for granted my beautiful life with Rich and all that that life has afforded my children.


  2. I felt the same way. I prayed and prayed and had peace within my person, so to speak (only through God, I’m sure), but there was still tension in the air. There were still silent battles and there was a quiet discomfort. I always thought it was me and my fault. Once he left, I was amazed that there was peace. I know I had a part in the struggle, but it wasn’t “all my fault.” I am so thankful for where I am and where we are. My kids can tell a difference, too. It’s a good thing (though, I’ll always add that divorce wasn’t good. I still believe we could have and should have worked it out. But, that decision was taken from me. We are where we are.)


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