May your weekend be filled with new beginnings

They  are everywhere …
more so than I remember from years past.
Friends on Facebook are complaining
about their irritating shrill noise.
But, I love the noise of cicada !! 
It reminds me of scorching hot summer days
at Cape San Blas, Florida
camping with my family as a teen.

When I see these exoskeletons,  I am reminded of newness and fresh beginnings
… of new life and fresh starts.
We began a new year in 2011.
We start a new month this weekend.
As you rose this morning, you began a new day.
Tomorrow is gone. The past is history.

Eggs are cracking open as tender fledglings come into the world.
Babies are being born.
Marital unions are being promised … royal and common.
And I guess, marital unions are being broken, as well …
and even that, whether invited or not, is still a new beginning, now isn’t it?

Trees are greening and flowers are unfurling.
And cicada are splitting right open
new life emerging into a big, busy world
where they will do what they do
… live
and create more life
before they pass.

May your weekend be filled with new beginnings
and fresh starts.
May your focus be clear
and your distractions be few.
May you find a way to
muster up the energy
and make a new start.

Because today truly is
a new beginning.

{{{hugs}}}, blessings & peace to you,



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