Not so long ago, I read the following quote  …

While it first, this sentiment sounds good,
the more I thought about it,
I knew that I couldn’t think of a single verse of scripture that might even vaguely back up this phrase.

Could these be words that Jesus would have spoken?
Not in any Bible that I’ve ever read.

In fact, Christ said to deny ourselves and follow Him.
If we try to save our own life …
keep our life for ourselves by putting ourselves first …
we will actually “lose” the life we are trying to preserve.
But, the person who gives his life in following Christ,
following His example, His principles, His ideas, His motivations,
will gain so much more. (Matt 16:24-26)
We are not to put our own desires first,
but to think of others. (Phil 2:3-4)
When we accept Christ, we accept a call to serve.
Serve one another in love. (Gal 5:13)

If we never make someone our priority
who sees us as optional at some point or another …
surely, the time would will come
when we walk out on every friendship or relationship we share.
And we should never have children!!
Because, every relationship has struggles
and every marriage will have travails …
every relationship reaches some point
when “he” is the priority and
“I” am the option.
Every  union falls into a
“her” not “me” mode, at some point.
It just happens.
And being a parent often feels like
the child is always the priority
while the child rarely recognizes that you are not an option.
Part of this is maturity … and part of it is simple human selfishness.
It happens. It’s life.

I think this might be more fitting …

How about you? Have you read any statements lately
that, at first glance, sounded good …
and even raised a “fist pump” in your spirit …
but, upon later contemplation,
you realized were really full of un-Christlike direction?


3 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. I appreciate how you are allowing the Master Gardener of our souls to pull the “weeds of bitterness” from your heart. Thank you for the reminder. And thank you for sharing Ann Voskamp with me…. I’ve bought her book, I’m in chapter 3.

    Be Blessed today, because you are a blessing!


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