This slim flowerbed area that lines the back of our home has been an eyesore since we moved in. Through the years, we talked about cleaning it up and doing all sorts of things … but, none of our “visions” ever came to fruition. You can see from the photo below that the area was sort of catch-all for bikes and lawn refuse trash bags, recycling and more.  Our trash cans also sat in the same area, lined up against the wall.

Not so long ago, I acquired a second kayak and I had an idea for a storage rack for our boats. We had some gently used wood  sitting in the yard that we used to construct a frame.  While I tried to get things going, I’m just too afraid of power tools to do the job. I just don’t have the upper body strength to control these powerful, heavy machines (and I’m afraid of the noise, to be honest)  I don’t do chainsaws or big power tools like saws.

So,  I got out all the equipment, set it up and asked for help.  And my man? He stepped up to the plate and did an a.w.e.s.o.m.e  job. Not only did he make the cuts for me (with the big, loud, scary saw), he put the whole rack together (the wood is pressure treated and is very dense and hard.)

It probably took him about four hours total … basically a Saturday morning and he was finished.

The book “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman sits on my bookshelf.  I’ve had it for years and never taken the time to read it. None-the-less, I know a bit about its content from years of hearing bits and pieces. While I’m not sure of the language of each of my family members, I do know that James’s is not “Acts of Service” (but that is definitely my strongest language .. and I’m pretty sure James’ may actually be “Words of Affirmation” as he uses few words and a lie can absolutely devastate him.).  I wish there was some way to e.x.p.l.a.i.n to him how m.u.c.h it means to me when he takes on jobs like this.  And he’s always so pleasant as he works.  It makes me proud and so very thankful.

He tried it out to make sure that it is strong! It sits out of the way, under the eaves …

and it is placed so that one of my boats pokes his little head out in front of my kitchen window so I am always reminded to get out and get on the water … to have fun! (Something I don’t do often enough … probably because I’m always busy thinking my “acts of service” are loving on people when I should take more time to play!)

We added some landscaping timbers that have now been “nailed” into place and some pinestraw for ground cover. I’m telling you, it looks SO nice.  Now that spring has returned, I hope to put a coat of paint on the framework to keep it strong and make it look nice.

I am so thankful for my man.  He works hard and does a great job!  Whether he’s helping me wash the cat, building a boat rack or working on his car, he stays at a job until he figures it out.

Thanks, James, for the boat rack
and all that you do around our home
and for others.
I love you
and you’re awesome!!

Anybody want to paddle? Let me know! I have two boats.
We could hit the water any time!!


3 thoughts on “Framed

    1. It’s ok, Naomi. This was the end of last summer when he was still growing his hair out. The dreads are still on his head. I’m lovin’ ’em. I need to take some photos of him. They are getting long!!


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