Makes Me Happy Monday : Riding

Just a few weekends ago, I made a trip to south Georgia.
After spending the afternoon snapping photos of
a beautiful girl …  her twin brother,

and their dates and friends,

Della, Jeff and I jumped on motorcycles and took off to a neighboring town for dinner at a favorite restaurant.

I’ve n.e.v.e.r been one to love speed.
The way I have it figured,
if God wanted me to go really fast through the air,
(like flying, hang gliding or bungee jumping)
He would have given me wings.
If he wanted me to go really fast across water,
(like skiing)
He would have given me larger feet for traveling.
And if He wanted me to speed across asphalt,
(like on a motorcycle, automobile or train)
He would have given me a big motor and thicker skin.
In a vehicle, I don’t like traveling faster the speed limit
because I think it’s scary to go much faster than 60 mph.
I am well aware of my frailty and how breakable I would be
if I found my skidding across the ground.
This is why I wear my seatbelt … all the time.

All that having been said, I love to ride with Della & Jeff. I’ll have to admit that Jeff makes me nervous when he breaks 55 mph … but like I said, I don’t really like to speed when I’m inside a van, belted into a seat.  And maybe I enjoy riding because I trust Jeff. His bike is heavy and he’s very traffic aware.

We’ve ridden the last two times that I’ve gone down for a visit
and I have to admit that I’d love to have a bike of my own.
Being able to zip around town
and save gas at the same time
sounds like a wonderful combination
… though I tremble at the thought.

Whether I’ll ever get up the gumption to really learn to ride …

I don’t know.

And I’m perfectly okay with you calling me a chicken.
That is probably … a fairly accurate label.
Even when I ride my road bicycle, I’m very aware of who is coming up behind me.
I DON’T want to NOT be seen and be hit by a car.

But, for now,
sitting on the back of Jeff’s bike
and taking off for an afternoon or evening ride
with Della right in front or beside us on her bike
makes me really happy ….
cautiously, exhilaratingly, prudently happy.

What makes you happy this marvelous Monday morning?


2 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy Monday : Riding

  1. Memories of my own biking years brought back by this post make me happy this morning…thanks!

    I had my own bike; never could get comfortable on the back of a bike no matter who was in control, so you might be more comfortable than you think if you had your own.


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