Changing Phones

This is my phone.
I’ve had this phone over two years. I love this phone.

It has a pretty good camera (of most importance, ya know?). It’s easy to use. It’s held up well against bumps, falls and bruises. It has always worked for me.

It’s a Verizon phone. I love Verizon. They have towers e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. There are only a FEW remote areas that I travel that I DON’T find service. They have awesome customer service. And they always let me know when I’m in a bad plan and need to adjust to save money. I appreciate that.

Look at that super qwerty keypad. *grins*

All that having been said, this particular phone style is NOTE.orious for having a bad charging port.  My phone gave me trouble for months when I finally decided to order a replacement. *begin ominous music* This … was … a … mistake.

I had lots of text messages that I couldn’t just “lose.”  There is no batch emailing text messages for this particular model phone. I couldn’t go through and forward each.individual.message. Months passed. I fretted over what to do. Finally: I put a camera in front of me, put the phone in front of the camera and video recorded the messages … one at a time, as I read them out loud and included the date and time of the message. aarrggh.

Okay. Now I could send my old phone back and transfer over my number to the replacement.  I backed up my contacts and did the deed. Yay!

Fine. The new phone had a wiggly port, as well.  I should have expected this. James has the same phone. He’s replaced his eight … yes, eight times. He still has a dumb phone that powers down in two hours and won’t charge properly. He’s given up on finding a replacement/refurbished phone that works.

TWICE within the first week, I went to bed with my phone on four bars and woke up LATE because my  NEW phone had powered down AT NIGHT. Yes, that’s right. It wore itself out while sitting idle on my bedside table. great.

The first time, I thought it was a fluke.

The second time. I began to crumble.

After all the months of trying to get help with my phone issues, trying to get my messages saved to some external source with no help and all the struggle with my phone charging issues, I thought the struggles were over. I was sorely wrong.

So, I had to make “THE” phone call. I called Verizon. Started to tell the story to one person after another …  about my messages, my phone port … etc. And I began to cry. Yep. The “Ugly cry.” The cry that makes the person on the other end who doesn’t know that you cry about … twice a year …. the person who thinks you’re nuts because you’re upset over a phone but doesn’t realize that the drama has been going on for a year …. the person who doesn’t know all the other crazy stuff going on in your life and that this is just the last straw … yep. “That” cry.

Long story, short: three or four phone calls later (after the “please help me get my contacts to load on my new phone” call and the “would you believe I want to switch back to my old crappy phone because it works better than the new, refurb” call, and several others), I get an awesome customer service rep who helps me with everything. She reminds me that I’m eligible for a new phone discount. I admit that I want a new one but can’t afford to go up to the $40. per month fee a smart phone carries. She points out that it’s only $30. and I already pay $10. so I’d only be going up by $20. I have no intentions of leaving Verizon and this is my first real phone drama. So, I’m up for it!

I didn’t order insurance.

As I took the plastic protector off the face of the phone this morn ..
I almost dropped it.
I rarely drop my phone.
This may be sign.
I may go back and order insurance. soon.
like today.

I want to make a confession here. I’m excited about having internet access anywhere I have phone service.
I’m excited about having a portable Apple product that can house my iTunes account.
And I’m looking forward to exploring all the super apps out there.
*whispers*  but, do you want to know what most excites me?

Having at my fingertips
access to
maps (Remember? I get lost going to the bathroom?),
a thesaurus, a dictionary (I LOVE words. love them.)
and Instagram (A photo editing program for your phone. How uber cool is that?).
THESE are exciting!

Do you ever wish you could time travel? I would go back in time and show an iPhone and the computer/internet to Alexander Graham Bell (inventor of the telephone), Thomas Edison (acknowledged inventor of the light bulb), Ptolemy (founder of first library in ancient times) and probably Benjamin Franklin (I’m pretty sure he is the first to come up with an idea of lending books … I’m pretty sure he is considered the Father of the Public Library System in America. And even if not, I know he would be intrigued by and appreciate today’s technology).

I’ve had some crazy dreams and stomach problems lately. I really think they are connected to stress.
At least my phone, is no longer a source of “stress” in my life. *whew*

… at least, I hope that will be the case.


2 thoughts on “Changing Phones

  1. CONGRATS!!!! I think you will love your iphone. I know I love mine and I was very resistant to getting one. I was actually taken to an AT&T store forcibly by the rest of my family. The kids took my old flip phone and said it was destined for a museum somewhere. So I got an iPhone under protest. Boy was I wrong. I LOVE my phone.

    Here are a few app suggestions for you. “Around Me” This is an app that uses your GPS location to tell you what all is around you from restaurants, banks, bars, hospitals, gas stations, you get the idea. You can also search for something specific and it will tell you where it is and give you a link to a map and directions on how to get there. This is a free app.

    “The Weather Channel” another free app that is awesome weather. The phone came with a weather app. This one is much better.

    “Cheap Gas” another free app (sensing a trend here?) This app will find the cheapest gas around you based on your GPS location.

    “Flixster” free movie app. Gives theaters around you based on your GPS location and the movies and show times at the theaters.

    “Red Laser” Free price comparison app. This app lets you use the camera to scan the bar code of an item you are looking at purchasing and it will give you comparable prices at other stores around you and on the internet.

    “Sit or Squat” Free app that locates public restrooms near you based on your GPS location. I have found this to be useful given the number of females in my family.

    Facebook, there is nothing else to say.

    Top 201 Tips for iPhone. Free app that does a great job explaining how to use the iPhone. Mine did not come with a manual and this was very helpful.

    “Trapster”–this is a free navigation app. It notes where red light cameras, school zones, “known enforcement points (speed traps)” and also can provide traffic conditions.

    “GPS by MotionX”–this is a good navigation app also. It was not free but I got it because I liked the idea of it being able to record tracks for hikes and things like that. It also was handy in knowing how fast we were going if one of my kids was driving.

    USA Today–free app that gives you the headline version of the daily newspaper.

    There is a free Kindle app if you have an Amazon Kindle reader.

    Pandora internet radio. I love this app. I have a VERY wide taste in music, so I have about 10 stations set up.I like quotes so I have two free quotes apps. One is 55k Quotes and the other is Notable Quotes. I have two Drink Recipe apps, one is DrinksFree and the other is Drinks.

    A fun free app is Urban Spoon. Great when you can’t decide where you want to go out to eat. You open this app and shake the phone. It is like a slot machine and it “picks” a restaurant for you based on your GPS location.

    And I have plenty of “nerdy” apps. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. iDictionary. iThesaurus. MeasuresLite (gives lots of conversions for measurements) The Holy Bible. Stars. Planets. MoonPhases.

    And lastly, I have an app called “Freed Apps” that tracks all apps that are put on sale for free. I can open this and see what is available for free.

    I think you will love that phone Karen. Have fun with it.

    One more suggestion. Look for an Otterbox case. It is like a tank, great at protection from drops and for the screen. It also has a rubber case that helps with moisture. It is not cheap, but I think it is well worth the investment.


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