Tearing down the House

This boat looks safe, now doesn’t it? Inviting even? Clean and colorful … and off the ground.

And with a little fortress … a door of sorts …. to protect from predators?
They would live tucked away and dry
with the seat of the kayak blocking the entrance
to their world.
They could raise their sweet little family in safety.

But, I know better.

I spied them yesterday … busy, busy little House Wrens.
They were back and forth with sticks, pecan blooms, pine needles and leaves.
I’m amazed that they work together …
so many mothers in this world build the house alone.
But, he was there, as spry and quick as she.

(one on the corner near the roof line and the other on a limb of the tree behind)

They were quick to load that boat with the frame-work of home
and just as quickly, she’ll settle in and sit
waiting to lay down those speckled eggs of brown
spotted and mottled
camouflaged and still.

I’m trying to make that difficult decision. Do I put up a sign so the neighbor boy won’t come over and toss them upside down, unknowingly. Upon occasion, he borrows the boats. I’ve told him to help himself.
What if he wants to paddle … now?
Do I leave the nest and simply try to protect the lives inside?
I can do my best to shoo away my furry folk … but my best will surely fail.
Do I, with a single swoop, ravage all of their hard work … that sweet mama and daddy?
Should I tumble their nest away that they might begin again somewhere else?
Would it be better to cause them extra work now
(of building another nest in a more suitable spot),
or leave them be knowing they are in danger?
Surely, they will have more energy to build another aerie
before her little body can build no more
and eggs must be laid?
Ahh … but I remove her home, am I also removing the chance for a lesson well learned?
That a nest out of harm’s way must be in a different sort of safe place?
But, how different? I just wouldn’t know. I only know

And my kit cats can climb. I know the song of feathered babies crying out to mama,
“Feed me! Feed me!” will alert my furried bodied felines.
Those little feathered babes
won’t stand a chance.

I think of my own children. Do I step in and rescue them from harm
when there are valuable lessons to be learned?
Do I let them place their treasures
in unstable areas
that give an appearance of safety, beauty and comfort?
And where is the line drawn … between allowing a fall that a lesson be learned
and being a negligent or uncaring parent?

And me?
My Heavenly Father …
knew where my path would take me.
I’d like to think that He allowed me to build my nest
in the place that I did
knowing that I would be a stronger person
for having past knowledge
and going through the motions
of rebuilding – flexing muscles,
measuring, planning and evaluating
when I found that the nest I crafted
was tumbled to the ground.

While I believe it may be better to move the beginnings of this little nest
so the wrens will begin to rebuild some place safer,
I am not fully sure that I have the heart to move this little stack of twigs and leaves.
I wonder how much MORE difficult it is for our Heavenly Father
who knows all and sees all
to sit back and watch us make our messes?
There are times I am thoroughly thankful
for my limited view and small degree of understanding.

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