Makes Me Happy Monday : A Dirty Tub

One of my Mother’s Day gifts
was a dirty tub.

I was awakened by the sound of the fire alarm in the hall. James preheated the pan for bacon. When he dropped the meat into the pan, it seared in the middle ….  leaving the ends still …. uhm … raw. While off to a rocky start, he quickly made a heat adjustment and the rest of the bacon was perfect.  I’m so glad that we can all laugh at ourselves.  Even James poked fun at this sad little strip of bacon as we sat at the table to dine.

So, the day started with my breakfast of choice, pancakes, bacon and oj … my favorite combination of sweet & salty.

And Joy recruited her dad to run her to Starbucks for my favorite “away from home” fast breakfast ….

Yep! She bought me a Starbucks Cappuccino and a couple of Vanilla Bean Scones with her own money.  *awwwww* Somehow, these two things almost seem like a “dessert,” they are so delectable.

And the dirty tub?  My Mother’s Day gift from my big girl involved wall paper!  Years ago, part of the wall paper was taken down ..but the job was never finished. I am the only one who visits my bathroom or bedroom now… so I continue to wait for the chunk of time I need to finish taking down the wall paper (in the bathroom) and tackle painting both of the rooms. Why do we do that? Women? We put ourselves last … and think it’s okay. To a certain degree it is, but this bathroom has been in a state of disarray for two plus years. It’s time to move on!

Well, when Glory asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day, I requested her help in my lair.  She blessed me and obliged.

In a matter of just a two hours, we had the opportunity to talk (oh, how I love to talk to this girl!) AND work together.  We got all the paper down quickly and I marveled at how a daunting task can be accomplished when there is help, fellowship and motivation. Sometimes, I truly wish I was Amish – at least, Mennonite. I love how those communities work together.

Glory topped off the evening by cooking Fetticini Alfredo with shrimp and fresh scallops and a delicious loaf of warm Parmesan bread.

So, the walls are stripped. There is still more to do; a little patching, a little sanding, a little wiping down and a lot of painting … but we’ve tackled the hard part! And more important, I have a jump start of momentum.

What a blessing! My favorite breakfast, my favorite breakfast “dessert” and labor day … all gifts for Mother’s Day!

Yep … in this case, a dirty tub definitely Makes Me Happy.  What makes YOU happy this marvelous Monday morning?

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