Makes Me Happy Monday : Light

I have always loved soft lighting. I prefer a half dozen lamps in my living area to a single, glaring overhead light.  I love downlights and spotlights. There has always been something alluring about the piano whose music is illumined by a gentle piano light in a dark room. I am drawn to a restaurant with ambient lighting over one with glaring, overhead fluorescent  light with it’s “fake” feel … unnatural, uninviting and uncomfortable.

While at the Sheraton Raleigh over the weekend, I was amazed how
a shadowed hallway
would turn a corner and flow into a sunlight-flooded atrium.
With the shifting sunlight, the focal point of a room
would move throughout the day.

And for those nooks and crannies
intentionally tucked away,
lamps and spotlights drew you in …
welcomed you to sit
commune with others.

This is no accident.
This is wonderfully planned design ….
excellent use of light and darkness
intentional use of space
to promote comfort and peace and even well-being.

Across a dark sky, your eye is naturally drawn to the moon
suspended in the ebony expanse
or the sun’s orange orb
as it creeps across the horizon
filling the hazy purple morn
with flaming light.
As the curtain splits,
eyes are drawn to the actor
who is flooded by a spotlight,  mid-stage.
And in a dark room, your eye follows the
flashlight’s beam
illuminating the darkness.

Being drawn from darkness to light is a natural inclination.
Even in the spiritual realm, wouldn’t you say
there is a parallel?
We are naturally curious …
we look towards the light …
we sense there is contentment in the natural …
and shy away from the “fake” and unwelcoming buzz of the uninviting?
We know in our spirit that there is peace and comfort there …
where the Light is real and serene and warm.
And, yes, this Light even shifts
spotlighting …. drawing us nearer
to the place that we personally need to
Because, we are ever changing, aren’t we?
Our needs are different today
than a year ago?
So is the place that would comfort us …
cause us to relax …
help us find rest …
it, too, is ever moving … changing …. shifting.

Jesus said, “I am the Light of the world.” (John 8:12)
He is the spiritual illuminator. He draws us near. He is rest and peace. He offers a place to commune. Even in the darkness, eyes that look can find Him. He is there on the hazy morn, when the curtain splits and in the dark room.

Yes, I’d have to say that Light Makes Me Happy this marvelous Monday morn.
What about you? What makes you happy today?


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